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My Big Fat Catch-Up Post

I missed doing daily art while I was offline and the scanner was down. So much so that I did some pieces in between when I went offline and when I got the scanner up again last night. Not every day, but a bunch of them -- so here they are!

Blue Iris from life on 4" x 6" ProArt sketchbook page in Derwent Inktense dry. Drew this the day they took down the Internet, May 24th. Kitten picked it up when it got knocked off its long stem and I put it in an orange pill bottle, then fell in love with the color contrasts and textures.

Colored pencil drawings from the day we first got into the house, the 27th. Sascha is from a phone camera photo, the rock and mortar with lichen is the fireplace wall from life and the M&Ms were my treat for watching the kids.

Oil pastel orange lilies that Kitten gave me on the 26th. I drew them with Erengi oil pastels while she and Karl loaded the truck, then we drove to Arkansas and the big ProArt sketchbook 8 1/2" x 11" that these are in got some coffee spatters on the last few pages on the bottom. Thankfully upside down and it didn't lose that much space per page. I guess sketchbooks suffer along the way and get messed up sometimes.

Just the leaves from the pecan tree and vine on it from my watercolor journal page, scanned in by themselves before I painted the rest of the page.

When we first got in, on the first day Kitten bought some furnishings from Wal Mart including very soft black bath mat rugs for both bathrooms, mine and the main one. My room is Cat Central. So as I was going in the bathroom to get coffee (got my own coffeemaker in there now! Yay there's room!), little Miss Gemini decided that soft rug was one of her favorite sleep spots. I almost stepped on her.

She didn't move so I went back for a graphite pencil and sketchbook and managed to draw her before she yawned, turned her head, stretched cute and stood up going from very short and wide to longer and thinner in one of those fluid cat motions that nothing else can manage. She looked so cute there.

She still loves the spot. I think I want to draw her using white and pale orange Derwent Drawing Pencils on black Stonehenge paper the next time I catch her sleeping in there. She's so dark that most of her is highlights and orange markings, it should be fun doing her on black paper.

Enjoy! The scanner's up so I'm back to daily art even if it's sometimes a quick cat gesture.
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