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Daily Art

Arkansas Botanicals, Page Two includes a pebble too, a piece of slate that I picked up at Paul's place today. I went out there with Kitten when she went to feed his four horses, two dogs and one shy cat while he's out of town. So this page wasn't the first one I did. I just wanted to kick off with it because I was leading up to it and it's now complete with a good layout.

Kitten identified a large tree in the front yard as a Sweet Gum, a type of tree I'd only read about rather than seen. Actually I've seen them many times but didn't know what it was called. So I picked up a leaf that blew off and brought that and the pebble home to put in my watercolor journal, which now has a finished page with multiple studies in it that I'm very happy with.

While I was there, I did a watercolor monochrome black sketch of Charlie the Welsh Pony. He looked very dramatic with his long fluffy pale mane and tail -- his tail nearly drags the ground and he's not very large for a horse. He got up close to the fence and I painted him, but he moved while I was shading his face so I forgot to put in his white blaze on his forehead. I will paint him again sometime, probably in color.

He's a chocolate palomino, and Raw Umber would be just right to shade his body. Mane and tail are ice-blonde color.

He's a horse, painted from life, and looks like one. I am proud of that.

The scan distorted the colors on this. I had to push it one step toward green just to keep it from looking red, but in reality that's lemon yellow and the warm butter yellow in my Sakura Koi 12 color set with no scarlet in it whatsoever. I painted a buttercup that I picked out of the rut in the drive on the way out to the horses, picked it since it had already been stepped on and crushed by someone human or equine.

These are toxic to horses but not when they dry out. After they dry, horses eat them like candy without any harm. Interesting tidbits you learn hanging out with a horse expert. I think the flower is an actual buttercup.

I'll probably do it again in pen and watercolor in more detail sometime, between these watercolor sketches and my memory I could do that. Both horse and flower are in my small Moleskine journal and done with Sakura Koi 12 color watercolor set, which forced me to sketch with paint since I didn't bring any pencils or pens along.
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