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Daily Art

Tomato from Colored Pencils June Challenge on WetCanvas.com, from a reference by WC member Olika.

Derwent Artist colored pencils on white ProArt wirebound sketchbook paper. 2 1/2" x 4". I deliberately used the blank paper for some whites and didn't try to blur the strokes into a textureless look, this was intended to be textured and show some of the crosshatching and white flecks in areas.

Continuing to unpack. Today my wood box of 120 Derwent Artist colored pencils came upstairs and I happily discovered after I slid its cardboard protective box off and stored it again that I can spread out all three trays on my table with a tray or two on the bed. This will make using large sets of anything a whole lot easier from now on!

I also got my Watercolour Magic DVDs yesterday and have watched the first four of nine -- Bob Davies is a great teacher and the DVDs are eye-openers. Even if you're good at watercolor, Bob will fill in gaps. Also his videos help a lot with showing even more than he explains. I'm starting to gain a lot more control of my watercolors and looking forward to trying some of the projects even though those won't be exactly salable art. Thinking of doing some of the exercises in a Cotman watercolor pad I've still got.
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