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Photo day!

View from Mount Petagine (spelling is by guess, it's pronounced pet-a-gene) lookout point where I'm planning a serious landscape painting for Barbara, a friend of our family. Barbara and Old Paul are the parents of Kitten's farrier (blacksmith who shoes horses) teacher. Old Paul is one of her teachers. They are in their seventies and went to great lengths to help Kitten move us down here -- helped us find the house, then when we moved in they came over to help us offload the truck.

They are strong and spry, they had Kitten and Karl exhausted while they weren't even out of breath doing it. Comes from all the horseshoeing and horse care, I bet. Kitten's growing muscles she didn't know she had.

Anyway, I wanted to thank them for their help and Barbara's brother follows this journal. She's mentioned several times that he's an artist and really likes my art. So I offered to paint a landscape for her and asked whether she wanted something local or something exotic like an oceanside scene or English rural village or something. She said "Local" and got excited, so she showed Kitten the view she wants.

It is spectacular. I could see better with the naked eye than I could capture from even my good digital camera. There's a little house on the end of this cliff that's going to be the focal point of the picture. Barbara grew up there, it's one of the places she lived when she was young. That is so cool.

This is one of some twenty or thirty references I took this afternoon for the project, and I need to go up there again for preliminary sketching and early studies. I will want to treat it a bit like the Perfect Rose in order to really get it right, turn it into a competition piece.

I need to get a good SD card for this camera, so I can get more shots on a single trip. I bought a one gig one but it failed after a couple of uses and is no good. Next time I won't get the cheapest. Anyway, I still had lots of phone camera shots so when we went on to Paul's place I got a lot of horse references too including this good one of paint mare Felony. She is an absolute sweetheart of a friendly horse, she let me pet her and everything after I let her sniff me.

She is very large in person!

Anyway, this is today's daily art. Photography counts as an art. I might do some drawing later on or I might not, I'm completely exhausted after the trip. I stayed on my feet for most of the horse photography way longer than I should have to get good shots.

The net result was lots of blurred shots of Felony's rear end as I was trying to snap her galloping around the ring and the camera wasn't fast enough -- just as I got a good one she'd be gone and I'd get just her butt and tail. If I anticipated her I'd get just her nose, my timing was off. But the Kodak camera processes faster and I might be able to get those shots next time if the camera's empty when I take it to Paul's place (the school).

Yes. I can still overexert. But I am awed at how these all came out and it was so worth it. I'll be going back again and again to get photos and sketches of both the horse farm and the mountains... they are such beautiful mountains. I could paint here for a lifetime and never run out of cool places to paint new scenes.
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Jun. 20th, 2009 05:59 pm (UTC)
That is such a beautiful place. Felony is a beauty, too. Don't feel bad - horses are notoriously difficult to photograph - and to draw. I've been doing both for most of my life. If I want one good photo of a horse (or dogs, too) I usually use three or four rolls of film (back in the old days of film - LOL) and then maybe a few photos will be really close to what I want. What always really worked better (and makes me love my phone w/ camera) was to just keep the camera handy and when the horse/dog does something awesome, ZAP-grab it. LOL. Of course, when you don't live daily with said animal - doesn't work.
Jun. 21st, 2009 12:51 am (UTC)
Re: oooo
Yep. I basically did that with the phone camera. Took lots and lots and kept trying to get my timing right to get her in motion. Got plenty of her galloping on the far side of the ring though, which some of those may be detailed enough to use.

That's pretty much what I do with the cats, keep the camera handy and try to snap them when I see them in a good pose. But the horses I'll get to see only when I go out there. They weren't too bad for the most part but it was while she was running that it got tough. I just took lots hoping some would be good and obviously some were.

Now I want to do that again with the Kodak and devote it to them so that I get at least one good 3.1mp one of a horse -- doesn't matter which of the four, could be Felony, Misdemeanor, Dick or Brownie. They're all good looking horses. I eventually want good references of all four.
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