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Daily Art

ACEO Windowbox

2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Yarka Professional pan watercolor

Fabriano Artistico hot press watercolor paper

Crossposted from WetCanvas Weekend Drawing Event June 19-21, photo reference by WC member KreativeK

Kay did some incredible references this week. I'm going to do more in this one, she has several that I really like. I want to do the kittens again a bit larger in color.

This little ACEO took all day in five minute stints punctuated by watching paint dry, posting on forums, installing a new antivirus program and unpacking a huge box.

The day after overexertion's always hard and today was no exception. I had some problems with things now and then, but despite the pain I was so happy because the photos came out so great and I'm warming up to doing Felony in my watercolor journal. Probably from that one I posted here where she's in profile and you can see all of her.

The box I unpacked was a huge one, so heavy Karl had trouble getting it upstairs. Once I got into it I found out it wasn't books as he thought. It's art supplies! I found my Yarka soft pastels wood box set, Bombay India Inks set, all sorts of cool things and many more sets of oil pastels. A little squished but the pastels weren't damaged, just the cardboard boxes.

Student sets have flimsy boxes sometimes. Not a big deal though.

Tonight is Solstice night. Kitten is making a feast and we're going to have another warm family holiday evening, but I managed some daily art first. I might be tired and hurt a bit but I'm very happy.
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