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Daily Art and Article!

Shelf Fungi with Chipmunk, 4' x 6" in Sennelier oil pastels with Walnut Hollow oil pencils on rose grey Art Spectrum Colourfix paper is my main demo for Details, the article I just finished for my oil pastels site. Woot!

I'm keeping up with the daily site article challenge and my daily art, so I feel really good about it. This has also stimulated me to more sketching.

Misdemeanor, 3" x 4" in Derwent Graphitints on Derwent A5 or A6 sketchbook (the little 4 x 6" approx. size) paper. I drew her again under it but had her head a little small to her chest and body, here's the page as a whole. The muscles of her chest came out well though and the head's fine, just off size -- a usable working sketch.

Dee and Felony are cross-named. Misdemeanor is a horse so mean even her owner can't stay on her more than ten minutes without being tossed. Felony is a sweetie who let me pet her nose, go fig.

I also did four more sketches for the July 3-5 Weekend Drawing Event at WetCanvas.com in Pitt Artist Pens on 8 1/2" x 11" ProArt wirebound sketchbook. Photos are by JustChaos, who is Just chaos on Flickr.

I'm having a very productive Sunday... and my Blick package ought to be here tomorrow, since it ought to have been here Friday and got delayed. Mayfair Box... artist grade oils... they will rock. I'm so tempted to take them outside if the weather's good when I get the box!
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