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Daily Art -- watercolor landscapes

Barbara's Lookout Again, this time from memory.
Watercolor on 90lb watercolor paper.

Coelophysis and Plateosaurus
Watercolor on 90lb watercolor paper.

Those Marie's transparent watercolors are pretty good. I set some out for Sascha this morning to let her paint, then turned over the back of a piece of 90lb student paper that I'd dooodled in watercolor on and just decided to try for Barbara's lookout from memory... and it came out recognizable! Then as we watched Walking with Dinosaurs, and after we got into the second episode I decided to try to do the last scene of the first one from memory. I sketched the dinosaur in profile (Plateosaurus, the big one) and got him right, then decided to keep fooling around putting in the waterfall and little Coelophysis squawking at him.

Both were fun. Both are about 4" x 6" on a quarter piece of 9" x 12" paper from my old Canson "Biggie Junior" pad. The old pad has a canvas texture and the pages are very stiff, which is cool in a way, but I don't always like the canvas texture -- the back didn't have it or as much sizing.

I got the new Canson "Biggie Junior" pad today, which has 50 sheets rather than just 30 and the paper has a lovely texture much like other cold press watercolor papers I've used. So it'll be great for anything from sumi-e fooling around with inks to Bob Davies exercises or letting Sascha paint -- there is so much of it and it's all good.

In the same package I got four new brushes -- for the price of one synthetic 1" flat watercolor brush, I got that and a 1/2" flat and a size 4 and size 8 round in a Princeton RealValue set. I love those sets. If you're into the Bob Davies course, this set will give about half the brushes you need, all you need more is a mop and size 10 and 12 rounds. I finally replaced my misplaced black china marker pencil, plus my misplaced rubber cement/masking fluid remover. Of course since I replaced them, I'm bound to find them somewhere in the very next box I unpack. But spares won't hurt! Grease pencils like that rock for sketching.

And the star of the order, a Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil "Mayfair Box" set. It is beautiful. Lovely medium-dark finished wood box with 11 full size tubes of W&N Artist oils in exactly the colors I would have picked if I were just buying them open stock. Not one unnecessary or ugly color in there, and all of my essentials included except Burnt Umber... which I already had because Blick sent it by mistake once instead of the Griffin Alkyd Burnt Umber. They didn't want it back, just sent on the right paint... and now I've got a complete setup for oils in the same excellent brand.

Plus they include everything -- brushes, Sansodor thinner, Liquin medium, double dipper, palette knife, willow charcoal, and a lovely wooden palette that precisely fits the box and lays over everything. The area for the tubes has exactly enough space to hold... one more tube! So the Burnt Umber can live in the box with the rest when I find it. I think it's in my Alkyds tub, but I'm not sure.

I am thrilled about this and very tempted to go outside to paint as soon as I've rested up from all this unpacking! I might do more art later on too, but I think I need to soak in a bath first because my back's all tired.
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