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Yesterday's Daily Art and Today's

All three of yesterday's drawings were from the 16-image Weekend Drawing Event challenge images on WetCanvas.com hosted by JustChaos. I have done every one of the images in Pitt Artist Pens, though I also did three in watercolor and the glorious Barn Swallow one in oil pastels on that orange luminescent background. It's been the most productive WDE that I've ever done and JustChaos gave me permission to continue using the photos on CreativeCommons, so I may explore some of these even further. I have a good idea for the snow leopard but didn't have time to do it this week with everything else including resting up from unpacking.

Flowers in Foothills, California


Cone Flowers

I used the full range 48 color set of Pitt Pens on these last three. Then this morning I woke up at 7am and on insufficient sleep, spent most of the day hanging out and posting on WC. A friend posted an otherwise gorgeous drawing that had a problem with an irregular ellipse. In trying to explain how to do flat plates in perspective, I wound up drawing this diagram:

Ellipses Diagram

It and four other perspective diagrams are the illustrations for my Perspective article on my oil pastels site, as soon as I write the article. You can see all of the illos when I'm done writing and I'll come post that the article's done when it is.

Right now I'm feeling woozy like it's nap time because I didn't sleep well last night, then ran around like crazy unpacking my happy big Blick package that came today! Blick Artist Watercolor comes in quite large tubes, 14ml tubes, but they are actually less expensive than W&N Artist watercolor in the 5ml tubes. I'm hoping that these will have good high quality and trusting they should, since Blick's house brand stuff is often excellent quality. I bought the Bob Davies colors, a couple of greens and a Titanium White since I don't want to use up the white in my Artist Field Box on large paintings when it should be the one I use for painting outdoors when I don't want to carry much.

Because I got more than $35 worth of watercolors before the coupon discount came off, I also got a free Lama Li watercolor journal. 8 1/2" x 11" with a brown cover, it has 50 deckle edge 100% cotton acid free handmade paper pages with a rough surface. The surface is weird and cool, it's almost like papyrus with really strong fibers running in a weave and various lumps and cockles already worked in. Should be fun for drybrushing and doing broken color things on more than loose washes, it may wind up cockling a lot with loose washes or bleeding through. But it's probably very archival.

I've heard different things about the handmade watercolor papers from India and I can see why some people wouldn't like them. It's not super heavy weight like some other watercolor papers I've used and it's got a rough odd texture. I may have to put a blotter under a page if I do really wet washes in order to let it dry without staining the page under it. I also don't know if the backs of the pages will be usable -- it could act more like the rice paper I got in San Francisco ages ago. But now that I'm using the Watercolour Secrets course, I'm opening up to rough surfaces and the book's big enough that I could use bold strokes to take advantage of the texture without it dominating the painting.

I also got lots of my Colourfix primers, which make me very happy. Only five to go before I have a full range of Colourfix constantly available. Two more colors are coming when they arrive at Blick, the two dark blues -- Storm Blue, which I used under the Cheetah Fire Dancing, and Deep Ultra, a brighter dark ultramarine blue that'll rock for evening scenes. Especially when I have the primer and can just slap it on a watercolor card without worrying about running out.

That's rapidly becoming what I love even more than Canson Mi-Tientes, at least for pastels and oil pastels. It's not bad for colored pencils either, not as rough as Wallis for chewing up the points but very good at holding layers. I may try some Golden pumice gel in the fine grade to see if that's even better for colored pencils.

I now have exactly six days to prepare for the Oil Pastel Society Member Show.

I was going to enter Barbara's Lookout in it, but I don't think I want to try to rush that. It really needs to be 11" x 15" on the big Arches block, with Colourfix primer and maybe a Colourfix underpainting -- when the blues get here I'll have some tests as to whether to match or go complementary. But I don't know that I can cover that much area in six days without really rushing it -- versus doing something else for the show that I haven't posted anywhere and won't till I know whether that's against the rules.

I may have to hold off posting my OPS member show entries online anywhere until after they are received and the deadline's over -- or until the OPS member show itself is posted online with its winners. I am not sure and I am not taking chances. There are two categories, Associate and Professional/Signature. I'm pretty sure there's nothing in the rules about not submitting past contest entries in your five select pieces to the jury to qualify as Professional or Signature, but you can't use your Gallery posted pieces or anything painted from a photo reference by anyone else. So the beautiful Bird of Paradise Remake is out of it on two grounds.

Much to my embarrassment all my best OP work this year has disqualified itself by my using references from other people or doing it in a workshop or something, even if it wasn't actually the step by step project. Oops. So I have six days to sweep up everything I learned and do something stellar and original. Or three very original pieces from my own photos or life.

Wish me luck on that. You might not actually see my Daily Art for a few days if I'm working on the entry, but I will at least mention that I'm working on my OPS entries if that's the day's art. I have one or two really good ideas. I also got a good idea for the current Creative Spark contest in Pastel Journal. The challenge this time is to paint something from an unusual vantage point, either above or below it, not on eye level. The prize is two sets of Caran d'Ache Neopastels, a 24 color set and 48 color set!

I love those! I could use more of those! I might do the challenge painting in those just to try to win extras. But I got some spectacular photos of Ari this morning while he was on my lap. It's entirely possible that a view of him from near his eye level is an unusual vantage point in itself, a twist on the contest since people don't usually look at cats eye to eye when they're down low. He was a sweetie and let me take lots of photos from different angles. Above him, looking up at him, looking at him on his level... I'll pick one for the Creative Spark and also put one of the prettier face photos into my own WDE hosting week for July 17th, for which I need more animals and people. I may have to put some of the phone cam ones in though.

The animals respond to it better without the flash and they come out well that way too. I just need to sneak up on the dogs and try for some pretty dog shots as well as capture Gemini. That's plenty of animals. I could also set up a really cool still life or two with shiny things and silver things and really difficult showoffy things all together, maybe a close-up of a couple of shells so one of them's got Easy Things. Has to have at least one person in it so I'll try to catch Karl one of these days when he's not busy. He won't even mind my using the big camera on him.

I think if I use the phone cam horses that I can pull it together pretty much with what I have. It'd be nice to put in a flower or two though, so I might go out in the yard hunting for one as soon as I'm rested enough to be awake and energetic again!

I love this climate. What I manage to do even on bad days is incredible compared to Kansas. I shaved last night because my chin itched, and so I'm not looking all overgrown-dorky with too much and too little facial hair all at the same time. I'm a bit wiped out now but not that bad.

If I stay up but don't stress over anything I can probably get to bed early and get a strong start on the art first thing tomorrow -- and say hi to the new WDE, see what it is at least!

All for now. I may be back with a link to an article if I get over this nap attack, otherwise I'll write it tomorrow. I gave up on the 21 day challenge on account of tiredness and nap attacks, it's just so cool that I still manage to do things on the bad days!
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