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More perspective diagrams and new article!

"Crating" objects that aren't boxes to use perspective to scale them diagram, Pitt Artist Pens on ProArt sketchbook paper.

I think my Perspective article is one of the longest, most illustrated ones I've done. I did a bunch of diagrams day before yesterday and then I went back to it today and while writing needed to do several more. It was fun.

Kitten and Karl went grocery shopping and got wonderful fruit! I have a Nectarine propped on top of my printer now enticing me to eat rather than paint it. They bought me the big bag of cherries I asked for, and I ate LOTS of them but there's still lots in the bag. I stopped when my stomach started getting queasy. lol

It's hard to resist those! I took another of my WDE photos today, setting up the nectarine, two strawberries and a bunch of the cherries in a pure white bowl on a crimson velvet backdrop for a Still Life to add to the lineup. This is the easy one. I'm very tempted to set up another one with the velvet backdrop that's all glass and shiny things and difficult things to paint and make one of the challenges "Do the hard one in realism" or something. Wicked challenge. Kitten groaned at the thought.

But I'm rapidly getting to where I have enough photos for it with the ones I've got. I took good Ari pictures yesterday when he was laying on my lap, and picked one of those to go in, a face close-up. He's a beautiful cat and should be in the WDE too. People who know me would be disappointed if he wasn't.

So it's a tossup between the Really Cruel Still Life, or going downstairs with the good camera tomorrow and getting Good Dog Zoe to pose sitting still and looking sweet. She is a happy husky. Animal artists would probably prefer I put Zoe in. Heh, I might go ahead and do both and bump one of the copious landscape ones, I have two that are very similar so it'd probably be better to do both dog and Screamingly Showoffy Still Life ones. Plus I need to snap one more People photo, of Kitten or Karl or a self portrait, see what looks good.

I'm going to use my good one of Felony for it because I've seen smaller photos go on it before, and it really is a great horse photo. It has the whole horse, which is not always the case on horse photos, and she's pretty.

I think my good ones will stand up to the project.

I also still need to do at least one good oil pastel painting for the OPS Member Show, which has a deadline of July 15th. I'm riding deadline and choking on it like a little kid facing exams. I have had several ideas -- but if I do the Self Portrait one I want to do it on a day I look decent rather than when I look sick. I look about 30 years older when I'm sick, all sagging and full of bony lumps and bags under my eyes when I'm sick. I suppose I could do that and title it Hung Over or something.

If it was anyone but me, it'd be more interesting with all that sickliness and boniness or swelling. But it's me and I get self conscious, so it may wait for a different challenge. I could always paint my cat since he is always good looking and I did get lots of good pictures of him, some at unusual angles.

The Pastel Journal has the current Creative Spark contest going with the example of a worm's eye view of a tree -- and doing a painting from a different vantage point. So I immediately thought of doing my cat eye to eye, getting down on his level is definitely an odd vantage point. Looking straight down at him is a normal one for people with cats but not usual for doing cat portraits. Same with looking up at him -- it's rare to find a painting where you're looking up at someone who's under a foot tall.

I might do several of the angle ones and just submit the one that came out best. I think for "On His Level" to work best I'd have to get down on the floor with him and have some things in the picture to make it clear that he's not sitting conveniently on the back of a chair or on a shelf or desk, but actually down on the same floor I am. It may take some patient photo sessions but I've got till August 22 on that one and August 1 for the big all-media thing.

I feel like all the major art contests are coming up all at once and I'm not ready for any of them. But I'll at least do Creative Spark because the prize is a couple of sets of Caran d'Ache Neopastels and I can never have too many of those! I love those, they are my favorite oil pastels. Ironic if I use them for the entry, but I might have to use soft pastels by the rules. They just say "a pastel painting" so if I really want to be sure of it, I won't use Neopastels but go for Senneliers or Rembrandt or something dry.

First things first -- the OPS member show, and come up with something from either my photos or from life. Ideally, three good new pieces that I can't post till they're entered, that's one of the things holding me up -- but they want to be sure there was no critique or help on the entries so that's why no posting till it's sent in and can't be changed.

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