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Daily Art

Nothing spectacular today, I did two articles for my oil pastels site and these are demo sketches from the articles. Both also got yesterday's splendid broken dam on black as header illos to prove I really can paint well when I put the time and effort into it.

Pink Clematis Tonal Demo
4" x 6"
Niji oil pastels on wirebound ProArt sketchbook paper, for Tonal Layers.

Grass Texture 1
3" x 4"
Niji oil pastels on wirebound ProArt sketchbook paper, for Grass Texture.

It was ten days since I last updated. So much for trying to keep up frequent updates. It rained this morning though and that got me to writing and maybe I can start revving it up again even with gaps. I have only two more blank titles in the Techniques index, I think there's only one under Basic Drawing too, so I am starting to fill in around the edges. Thing is, doing Texture articles, I have ideas for a dozen more and that could almost be its own section!

Eh, if I write two or three more Textures ones I'll give it a subheader of its own, if it goes over a dozen articles I'll put "Oil Pastel Textures" on the sidebar as its own index page. I may draw something more tonight though, being frustrated with how these little scribbles are just little sketches from imagination. I'd like to do something a bit more spectacular now. Of course it might help using artist grade OP on good Colourfix instead of just finishing off the sketchbook.

I finished the sketchbook! Yep, the Pink Clematis demo art was actually the very last page. So now I can start a fresh 4" x 6" sketchbook, already purchased and ready to go. My old one with its lovely quartz pebbles and cat gestures and cougar and fluorescent puppy can go on the shelf with the other volumes... the next one will get loads of color charts, notans, sketches and Pitt pen scribbles too along with the occasional small good oil pastel artwork.
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