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Daily Art

Sketches and Notan today. I finally wrote the last article in the top lineup on Basic Drawing, filling an important gap. There are others I'll be adding but that was the last planned one in the section that had a title ond no link.

Ari Portrait Notan
3" x 4"
Tombow black and gray pens on white ProArt wirebound sketchbook paper. I did six of these on a big page in the 8 1/2" x 11" book, of which this one came out so well I think it stands as a drawing in its own right. I'm going to have to develop it further into a painting, I think. Maybe two, since another one came out well too.

Backyard Tree Sketch
Niji oil pastels on 8 1/2" x 11" sketchbook page (same sketchbook), like yesterday's it's a color and shapes guide to how the tree looked at 1pm today. I was goofing off playing Diablo, looked up and saw the way the light was hitting it straight down, so I sketched in the shapes quickly and did them a bit more solid this time. This is the one beyond the fence, a bit off to my right. It almost never gets into the picture if I put the shed and the nearby tree in.

I may have to do one in a vertical format sometime and include both those trees as well as the ones visible between them in the distance that are always sunlit.

So today was productive, with another site article done. Tomorrow I need to make the Gallery for my Weekend Drawing Event, collect all the images from everyone's drawings and paintings and put them together either in a WC thread or at Photobucket and link to it. I'm leaning toward making combined thumbnail images in Gimp, that would be so cool, I like it when hosts do it that way.

All for now...
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