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Novel in progress

I haven't done daily art today, because last night I had something like a "plotty dream." I woke up thinking about it, shuffled to the computer, watched it boot for over eight minutes and then got RoughDraft open for my usual novel start.

It's been a long time since I wrote a new novel. While recuperating from surgery and dealing with the limitations the Kansas climate put on me, I wasn't doing much except for NaNoWriMo and 3 Day Novel Contest. Other than 2000 when I started doing 3 Day Novels, I haven't actually sent the entry fee or submitted the manuscript. Just entertained myself over Labor Day Weekend by writing one.

This year's different. This year I'll pay my money and take my chances. Beyond that, I need to get some of the finished novels submitted. So last night I pulled out my backups CD and put my old novels on the hard drive of my new netbook, where I can get at them. Then found out Emerald Sword wasn't in the backups CD so I downloaded it from my mail. I'm very glad I have been doing backups to gmail every time I write a novel. It helps a lot when computers go belly up and recent efforts haven't been backed up yet.

The new one's going in the mail as I work on it of course. I finished a couple of chapters and it has the working title "Chosen." I know there's a prophecy in it and that two of the characters believe the main character has a Destiny. What actually happens is going to be anyone's guess, but I think that has something with the theme too.

It always fascinates me about how people like the idea of a Destiny. When I was a kid I thought it'd be cool. But really, who wants to find out "You destiny is to be disabled, sick, broke, treated like dirt for most of your life and never be able to keep up with day to day living, while people think you're crazy and making it all up."

No, the Destiny thing is the idea of someone coming to you and saying "Luke, you are our only hope" to break the boredom of rural life (and get your family killed while you're at it by a preemptive villain strike maybe) or figure out who's going to be the next great genius celebrity early on so you can collect what they did while they were in diapers.

And without fantasy novels and window dressing, there are a whole lot of people in the world who get told as kids that their destiny is "You're a loser, you'll always be a loser, you're nothing" and come to believe that because it's better than having to reject it and fight against the wrong labels.

I am not even sure if the guy they picked is actually the one the prophecy's talking about, which would be pretty hilarious, wouldn't it? There's a lot of fun I can have with prophecy and destiny in a novel. What people actually do though, is what they actually do.

I set out at age four to become a writer. Today I am one, and enjoying the latest book that I'm working on. It's nice to do one without the excuse of a big outside event even though I'm looking forward to both of my annual writing events -- and a big sign of getting my health back if I can relax and do it insteod of just goofing off waiting till I feel better or a scheduled date comes.

Oh, I also did a new HubPages article once I finished my two chapters: How to Start a Novel. I'd just done it, so writing a Hub on it was natural -- so I'm still doing my 30 Day 30 Hub challenge.

Amazing how fast I slipped into writer mode. But I'll still do a daily art sketch or painting, just going to put my writing first and probably do it earlier.
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