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Shifting Gears

You've probably noticed my daily art vanished for a few days. I haven't drawn anything today yet either. I may get back to it or I might not. Depends on how things go. I'll still post art fairly frequently either way.

Between working on my site and socializing at WetCanvas.com I've been prioritizing backward. I've been spending much more time and energy on art than writing, other than the site where both art and writing are involved. So I need to balance that out again. Most of all I need to keep my writing as my top priority.

So I'm going to blog writing progress daily and any art I happen to do that day, in that order.

Yesterday I edited nine chapters of Vaumuru's Curse. I am happier with this edit than I am with any previous edit. I'm very thrilled with the possibility it'll be ready to send out soon. I want the edits entirely done though. I would be too stressed if I mailed out a clean 30 page sample and then had to do the rest of the editing lickety-split if that succeeded in getting a request for full manuscript. I'll feel much easier about it if full manuscript is handy and ready to send, then I can work on other things.

I'm editing The Necromancer's Tale and it's had a full pass already, polishing and naming. I'll get back to that after I finish Vaumuru's Curse because I think it's closer to final.

I do have some writing projects that involve art. I owe a good article on detailed sketching for realism for EmptyEasel.com and would like to do it sometime this week. This being Tuesday, that gives me some elbow room as to which day. It's a full day's project since I will need to do an elegant, detailed sketch of something with interesting transitions and color areas in stages and scan them.

I'll also be doing site articles. Much as it boosts traffic to do lots of articles in a bunch, just trying to do at least one a week -- or average four in a month -- is good for being able to keep building it without overwhelming my time for finishing up my fiction submissions and getting them out the door. Those will inevitably have some art on them. Plus I'm still going to relax, decompress and enjoy painting. It's not that I'm giving up art.

It's more that I need to do the day's writing before I go picking up a brush. Otherwise I'll accidentally build a professional art career and never get to where I was going in the first place -- a full time writing career.
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