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Semi-Daily Art -- Sumi-E

Flower Swirls
8" x 12"
Sumi-e stick ink with Chinese brushes on practice pad rice paper using a felt blotter.

The felt blotter is absolutely necessary! It makes a huge difference when trying to get clean sharp lines, I can do that now that I've got the felt. It worked! I deliberately did some wet in wet soft-edged strokes too and am exploring how much water needs to be in the brush for soft or hard edges.

I did seven more from the August 21-23 2009 Weekend Drawing Event photos posted by Helen on WetCanvas.com for this weekend's event. I'll put six of them under an LJ cut so that I don't hog your whole f-list page. All are the same size and medium as the first one, but done from Helen's photo references instead of imagination.

Docks on Spider Lake, Michigan - 1
Docks on Spider Lake, Michigan - 2

Two Loons

Wooden Boat Framed by Lilac Leaves

Raft Scene on Lake in Michigan

Flower Vase in Sunlight

Gas Cans

I'm beginning to really enjoy this medium. It would take setting out the other porcelain palette and doing more prep to use my colored ink sticks too, but I might do that sometime. It's worked so much better. If some of my strokes are a bit more clumsy than in my watercolors, it's because I was holding the Chinese brushes correctly vertical and controlling more with my arm than with my fingers. Because I was using the proper materials I took more care to use correct technique.

It's fun. I may have to write a HubPages article on it too since I've got some art to illustrate it with.
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