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Finished the HubChallenge!

30 Hubs in 30 Days is complete, my HubChallenge is done on day 29. After being behind up to 11 or 12 days behind, I got caught up and finished early. It took some effort in the past few days writing on HubPages.com to get the last ones done after catching up most of the days off I took editing Curse of Vaumuru, but I finished it.

So I can get back to writing the synopsis for Curse of Vaumuru and then write the new last chapter in the next few days, with a few more days of August left to do it in. I set it as a goal this month to edit that novel and I've still got time to meet that self-set deadline too. Go writing challenges! I also signed up for the 3 Day Novel Contest and sent in the money. Just got my registration acknowledged a few days ago, so I paid my money and will take my chances.

Here's a couple of artworks generated for two of today's Hubpages articles:

4" x 6"
Derwent AquaTone watercolor pencils on 4" x 6" cold press watercolor block, for How to Draw Cumulus Clouds. Stages are provided.

Three Rocks
3" x 4"
Derwent Coloursoft six-color limited palette on sketchbook paper for How to Draw Rocks in Colored Pencils.

Today is a triumph.I think I'm going to just relax for a while. WHEW! It's done! One more goal accomplished!
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