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26,424 words end of Chapter 7

It's been a long haul. I spent most of last night just editing it from page one forwards. Found the scene where my FBI man was trying to juggle two pieces of evidence and a cell phone when the second piece fell out of the pages of the first piece -- so I had him drop the phone and save the evidence like a sensible man. I laughed my head off at that one.

This is what happens when I write fast without remembering to take my pills. I didn't take them this morning either since about 4am, so I will probably need some major checking on this chapter. Names gotten wrong, Greg became Gary a few times, things like that. Peppered all through the first half, which is why I spent so long editing. My goal now isn't just to get it down.

It's to get it down and keep it clean. I want to reach The End tonight though, if not by midnight, sometime soon after. Then go back over it one more time and as many times as I can before I call it a wrap at midnight end of Monday. This time it has to be clean and perfect, as final a draft as I can possibly make it without letting it rest for a month.

Of course if it wins publication, an actual editor with years of experience will look it over to give it that final polish and kick it up even farther in quality. I need to do my best though, need to have it so good to start with that the editor doesn't need to do much at all. So I have now got between 15,000 and 20,000 more words to go and need to end this on a bust, while not knowing if the bust will turn into something like Jonestown or Waco while also setting off major disasters throughout television land.

I'm still raising the stakes and the intensity as it goes on. Need some more bloodshed. Next chapter.
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