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It's done. Chapter 12 wraps things up, Chapter 13 is romantic aftermath of the surprisingly romantic twist caused by the ghost's appearance in the ritual. It's got a happy ending.

I like it. I am going to read through and edit again today. I now have... let's see, take a break now, it's 9:40am, say ten if I get right on it... fourteen hours left for just pure editing before I send it out. Some of that will be spent relaxing and ruminating but I should be able to at least buzz through one more read and tweak, especially since I already fixed so much on continuity while I had it in progress. Continuity is tight and it has a good well-paced plot. Nothing left over from the plot. No plot threads left hanging for a later book. It works.

I think it came out as a good book. I think it would be incredibly easy to expand it, just keep inserting scenes till it hits a new and larger length, then re-chapter it all in one pass. Any expansion would take my doing that. But I'm so not doing that draft now. That'd be later on if it doesn't win first prize. My $50 entry is a submission. If it gets second prize or third prize, then I can send it out anywhere else and it still gets expanded or not depending on how I feel and what that other press likes.

It's actually a novel-size novel, over the 40k boundary by a respectable amount. A slim novel, but not puny like a novelette by itself in paperback.

I'm still a bit dazzled at a lot of things about it. The genre. The way it became so much of a thriller, the way it actually is the first-ever Urban Fantasy that I've ever done. It lost the steampunk aspect of my first try at the concept, the worlds fused. I brought the magic into a world a lot more like ours instead of growing a character native to the steampunk world. I think Greg had to be who he was and wouldn't have worked coming out of a steampunk world -- and it needed television, it needed the TV angle for the maguffin.

It worked. I'm a bit stunned. I'm going to enjoy that feeling for a little while and shift gears.

Oh, and if I put down $50 for this one, I can spare a $5 for Angela Hoy's prompt-based short story contest. That's a submission too.
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