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Done: 51,166 final count for "The Chosen."

I'm not editing any more. I haven't found a typo in three chapters, just been line editing. I did a clean draft. If they got this far, the story either grips them or it doesn't. What they get is what I can do in 72 hours, not what I could do with it if I had a week to clean it up.

But it's a lot cleaner than all my "practice" three day novels. I was more careful in process. I have a completed synopsis in the Pad files that made it a lot easier to jump back and forth to check things or insert scenes and details.

I've closed the file and ended a bit early because I know I don't notice the time. If I missed the time I'd know I violated the rules, and there's no way I could line edit the second half in less than an hour. I'd rather have another three hours for it at least. So it flies as it is, with 72 hours of work. I think I've given it my best shot.

I made no serious changes in the final edits anyway, it was all polishing. So if it reaches the point they notice it's a little less polishing, the editor will see that I know how to polish it and will do so obviously if I win. I just need to let it be judged in its current condition.

If it doesn't win, I'm seriously considering a little expansion -- there would probably be some anyway without plot insertions anyway because of the way my line edits added more than they took away, clarifying things even while I tightened them.

I'm happy with it. Nothing like my other books. Crazy literary experiment, leap forward and some personal growth in the process facing a lot of things, feelings about everything from churches to law enforcement. This is a good book and I think it'll fly to a general audience.

Now to mail myself the final draft backup.

Nanowrimo is going to be a breeze.
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