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For what amount of money (if any) would you consider appearing on a reality TV show? Which one?
I would have done the Sci Fi Channel's "Weird Weird House" for basic actor scale. That one rocked, it would have been loads of fun educating people about whatever weirdness that they figured I represented. I would have had a lot of fun educating folks about disability and chronic illness -- and creativity and creative runarounds.

I'd probably have done things like gotten them wearing a block on one foot so they found out what it was like walking with one leg 3cm shorter than the other -- just doing day to day things -- while doing art lessons and fantasy things. "The Disabled Renaissance Man" is what they'd have had to use for a label -- me stumping around with my amber glass knob cane and creative clothing, doing cool things with art supplies and insanely fast writing exercises. Getting the others to do "novel in a week" would have been a lot of fun.

There are no other reality shows that I'd have any interest in appearing on since they seem to mostly be about vicious personal infighting while doing gross things like eating worms and a popularity contest. In "Weird Weird House" the popularity contest thing came secondary to the "educate the normals about alternative lifestyles" and making friends with people who come from a scary subculture. I'd lay odds that I'd probably turn at least one of the guests on to doing art or writing seriously.

Heck, if they ever do a second go of it, I'll audition. I've got a lot of inherent weirdness in my life and it'd be a load of fun. Besides, my bit would give the rest of them some rest -- getting up late, staying up late, resting when needed. Oh yeah, they need to go around with 30lb packs all the time whatever they're doing in addition to the block under one foot. I could always simulate fibro fog by letting them get really drunk and try to hobble around doing stuff.

Oh yeah, the "sit still for 12 hours alone" thing would drive all the normals crazy, but at the same time it'd get them seriously into the writing and drawing thing because I'd let them have writing and drawing materials in their solitude. I was very isolated until the Internet came along and that led to a lot of creativity. They can write letters to each other but can't actually see other people in person. Plus of course some colorfully complicated "fill out papers and apply for aid" simulation cramming all the craziness into a relay race.

It'd be fun actually. It aired in 2003 and I loved it. They had a pretty blonde Witch, a Voudoun priestess, a naturist who was a nudist, a vampire and a bloke with tattoos and piercings who was into suspension, along with five normal people who never tried anything like that. They didn't actually get tattoos or anything but did get suspended without piercings and got to run around naked and attend pagan ceremonies and cool stuff. What I loved was that every "Freak" on the show represented dozens of friends or ex-roomies or ex-lovers, I was way too familiar with all the subcultures.
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