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Semi-Daily Art and Cat/Wombat Hedge Test

Arkansas September
2 1/2" x 3 1/2" ACEO/ATC size
Derwent Graphitints tinted graphite watersoluble pencils used dry
Canson Montval cold press/Not surface watercolor paper, 140lb/300gsm
From life, view from my window about six-ish.

I also tested some possible combinations of colors to mute the royal blue background of the Cat/Wombat hedge, with some surprising results -- it looks as if I need red-browns in it as well as the darkest green and lighter greens and golds. In a way all of these tests are a bit off because it's not on Colourfix and the stroke texture isn't what I'll be doing, but they're for my seeing what the pigments do together. On the painting there's one more color ingredient to the mix -- the underlying color of the Colourfix paper, which is subtle and doesn't show under the royal blue at this point. It should look lots better in the painting. The dark green will probably predominate but I'll leave a bit of the blues showing through.

Mont Marte soft pastels on white ProArt sketchbook paper, not as intense or rich as it'll be on Colourfix but giving me some ideas.

Under the LJ cut, I'm posting another artwork that should not appear on WetCanvas.com until September 25th -- it's for Plant Parade, where everyone has a month to paint from the reference but all posts on the same day. Last time I didn't post on LJ till The Day, but this time I've decided to just put it under a cut.

So if you're a WetCanvas member, don't PEEK! It should debut first in the Floral/Botanical forum on the 25th.

4 O'Clocks Rock
4" x 6"
Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks in a limited palette:
Cobalt Blue, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Coral, Aureolin (yellow)
Canson Montval 140lb/300gsm cold press/Not surface watercolor paper
Painted from a reference posted by KreativeK for the September Plant Parade in the Florals/Botanicals forum, theme this month is speckled and striped flowers. Kay hosted a WDE a while back and does some great flower photography.

I really had fun messing around with a primary colors palette on this one. I should do something else that doesn't have a delay on it in that palette so that I can post it on WC sooner. Yesterday I got my Quinacridone Coral and Aureolin watercolor sticks from Daniel Smith, joining with the Cobalt Blue and Permanent Alizarin ones I now at least have a limited palette that could do the spectrum with some work. It did.

The weather is utterly wretched lately, today was another massive pain day. I can draw or paint to beat down the pain but the only thing I could do in writing that would is to write another novel cold -- and not come up for air till it's done. Edits do not work as well when I'm in pain, but the process of rough drafting works or drawing or painting sometimes helps to knock it down. Blech. This is supposed to be the start of my GOOD season! What gives?

Oh that little puking goth-character icon works, since the pain makes me nauseous when it hits a certain level. I don't actually throw up but I always feel like I will, or like each cell of my body is doing so. It's annoying. Especially when it keeps on for days. I hope later fall turns good and that winter here isn't bad.
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Sep. 20th, 2009 01:39 am (UTC)
The hedge test is looking good!
Sep. 20th, 2009 01:43 am (UTC)
Purrr thanks! I love that deep-dark green. It's got to be the main component, but optically mixing all those colors will both mute it and give it an interesting texture and push it back. I hope this works.

The wombat looks so good that I'm not redoing it, just going to detail it as it is and work on making the background fit the figure. I hope this works. Same with the cat really which has to have a very similar look to the wombat. I have some ideas on the tulips too, been looking at tulips references lately and of course still have the original ones in my flower photo reference book.

The more I goof around working things out before I finish, the better chance it'll come out well and I won't have my stomach plummet when I go packaging it up to send it thinking I've ruined good art supplies and given you a bad deal. I decided to throw in the 5" square hibiscus watercolor too, since you like it so much.
Sep. 20th, 2009 01:53 am (UTC)
Hibiscuses are awesome :D I'm glad things are working out well.
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