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Shimmering Water Lily

Shimmering Lilypad
4" x 6"
Daniel Smith watercolor (including watercolor sticks)
Canson Montval cold press / Not surface 140lb/300gsm watercolor block
Photo reference by Lake of Trees for September 18-21 2009 Weekend Drawing Event... the very last painting officially during the week of her hosting. I couldn't resist the water lily one so I started it around seven thirty last night and finished in precisely two hours.

The challenge was "use as many colors as you can, and try to get 10 colors into the focal point." Well, counting the flower as the focal point, all 18 colors I used in this painting are at least touching the edges of it. This was extremely difficult to do in watercolor without creating mud, but I kept my mixtures analogous and got some great effects by mixing granulating and nongranulating colors, putting glazes over colors and using staining colors on the lowest layers.

It shimmers literally because five of those 18 colors are Luminescent -- Iridescent Gold and Green, Duochrome Aqua and Interference Green plus I used Duochrome Hibiscus on the petals in a thin glaze so the sparkle is a subtle presence throughout the whole painting except the dark water. I wish the scan had come out as good as the original, the lily pads look paler than they really do and are quite vivid -- shifting bluer or more golden-green depending on angle of my head.
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