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artsomofo day four!

Fresh in their Husks: Walnut and Pecan
4" x 6"
Caran d'Ache Neopastel on paper
Study from life. Karl brought in a black walnut and a pecan that just fell from their respective trees a couple of days ago, both of them brilliantly yellow-green and shading to brown at the edges or spots. I loved the contrast of shapes and colors. Then got distracted and didn't paint them right away so this is half from memory of how they looked two days ago -- right now the walnut still has some light patches but the spots have seriously grown and it's yellower, the pecan darkened to black.

So I'll do them the way they are now that the husks are drying sometime too, but it was very cool getting this and seeing them when they were that fresh.

Crossposted from artsomofo the October Daily Art Group on LJ. It rocks. I found it in 2006 or 2007 and have been doing it since, some really good artists are posting and it's a lot of fun seeing what they do as well as pushing myself by doing daily art.

Today I also got Packages and a magazine! My November 2009 issue of The Artist's Magazine is here, cover story on Realism & Impressionism and an artist who excels in both (hopefully the article has tips since those are so much my thing and do go together like ham and cheese...).

I got the first package from Daniel Smith, my Tiger Lily Triad order and found out the lovely Diopside Green watercolor is unique. It's a rich bright green that fits neatly between Pthalo Green and Sap Green and Cobalt Green, all of the good greens in fact -- it has its perfect place in the lineup and it's so strong that it can easily stand up to muting or mixing but be used for bright green accents. Love that green. Transparent Yellow Oxide is sort of like nonchalky Yellow Ochre, very interesting and maybe a little easier to use in some mixes. Perinone Orange is screaming brilliant red orange and inspiring me to all sorts of florals and sunsets. Definitely redder than Pyrrol Orange.

I also got the slightly used box of Winsor & Newton and Sennelier Oil Sticks, so I will be getting the chance to try Oil Bars/Oil Sticks and review those products for my oil pastels site for quite a bit -- no, a LOT less than I'd have spent to get kitted up with that good a range of colors. About twice as many colors as I'd have gotten getting them individually or in the usual small sets.

I had no idea the full size W&N sticks or the Sennelier Oil Sticks were so big. They are gigantic. It's like holding a broom handle to draw with, almost as long as my hand. These are going to be a trip -- and they came sharpened down to a nice chisel edge so it'll be very cool when I peel the skins and paint with them. I will probably use them in a painting before I do a color chart with them since I don't see the point of peeling them for nothing and wasting a whole "peel drying" layer just for charting.

The size makes them very generous for amount of pigment. I now understand why they are that much per stick. Like the watercolor sticks, it's because there's that much of an expensive pigment involved. These are going to be so cool. Also I never tried Titanium Buff before -- but it may be a precise match to the light patches in Ari's hair so I might go doing the black-masked blonde cat as my first painting with these... that's a thought, that IS a huge stick of Titanium Buff and there are several other good earth tones for fur shading...
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