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Imaginary Summer

Imaginary Summer
A4 size which is vaguely similar to 9" x 12" but narrower.
Fantasia watercolor pencils used dry on A4 pad included in the UK pencil wrap I got on Clearance. I really like these pencils, they go on soft and strong even for watercolor pencils. Some light areas vanished in the scan to my annoyance, the white highlights are smaller and softer than they look. If this stuff was real I'd have drunk all that wine (which was probably Sangria or something equally sweet and fruity) and eaten all the peaches and plums and pomegranates and some other mangoes and all the cherries, leaving one apple and some pears and one slightly overripe mango till last. And the watermelon slices that I almost put in, those got eaten too. Plus all the chips. And I would've had friends who remember the late sixties fondly helping me drink wine and eat all the fruit and the chips too.

Imagine there are some other bottles of wine not quite empty and wandering out in the yard in the hands of friends, Bali Hai and Boone's Farm and that sort of wine, plus some good old music playing loud enough to be heard outside. This is what's left sitting up on a white Formica kitchen counter while the party more or less goes on the patio, where maybe some meat is grilling over coals and the weather's bright and warm. Some kids are hosing each other and any amused adult without anyone getting mad over it.
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