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Starting Nanowrimo

This morning I got up at six, took off with one premise idea and got 2300 words into it before I decided it was the worst opener I'd ever written and that I don't have enough background to do justice to the premise. Yet. I'm not familiar enough with government processes and hierarchies, not familiar enough with the military or its protocols to handle it as well as I want to -- so it'll go fallow into the bin of "Read lots more about it and write when I'm ready."

The bad opener can just be tossed because that only represents two hours of work. I don't have an actual job, though my day job as cripple does eat a certain amount of time with sick time -- see last month's erratic artsomofo results for a good example of what weather and even a pretty minor illness can do to my time. I write fast. I've done a good 50,000 word novel in three days.

So this month I'm going to be doing that kind of high speed again and high concentration, not just try for 1,667 words a day for one 50,000 word novel by the end of the month. Get it out, get it done as soon as possible and then go from there to doing more than one novel. With some edit time as well. No more jacking around with name changes and short cuts. Good cast list and chapter synopsizing at every step. If I'm careful about that sort of thing, I don't get lost in it.

What works best for that approach is to take something I've written before but am not satisfied with, or lost the first draft, then start over from premise.

So my next try is going to be Magic in the Streets. The only novel that I ever outlined, it never got finished. I'm abandoning the outline. Not even going to look it up. I know what the story's about and that's good enough. Cat lovers may really get into this urban fantasy set in New Orleans in 1992, the year of Hurricane Andrew. I was there for it and I'm writing from life, that's solid ground.

I meant to do this for years and now I'm getting around to it.

I want some good word count to show by the time I go to the Kick-Off Party in Russellville -- first time I'll ever get to a Nanowrimo get-together. I want to swagger in with at least a chapter done and probably more if I'm going at this pace. It'll be fun.
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