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59,090 middle of Chapter 13

I just finished a scene that ended in a brute shock. It worked. It was so right for the story -- it threw me for a loop and ended the scene. I could either call this a short 2,000 word chapter or move on to another event, something else could happen with what just cut loose -- something supernatural happened too and the evil has to backlash, maybe it already is. The tragedy in the scene is very deep.

Now I have to think of what happens next.

It also occurred to me that I have two more days and only 20,000 to reach my new goal of 80,000. So I should start moving toward the end. I need some time to pass or I need Hurricane Andrew not to be the main point of the novel. This all happened so fast.

I have to think about it now, think about how they'd find out about that fire. Think about who lived or died in it or not and if she got arrested for murdering her husband or it got blown off to a drunk smoking in bed and knocking over a bottle. It might look like that.

The book's heavy.

The book's got some themes.

The monster of the first chapter hasn't come back onstage yet.

Well, it's Chapter 13, maybe it's time for him to.
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