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Sketch today!

Flower in Glass
5" x 6"
Neocolor II on dark blue Canson Mi-Tientes, smooth side.
Photo reference from Weekend Drawing Event November 6-8, 2009 done on the last day (it actually runs till tomorrow when the new one starts) hosted by AlainJ from WetCanvas.com.

I spent most of the day watching Gabriel while Kitten and Karl went out on a sudden emergency call to shoe a couple of Arabian racehorses for a horse race tomorrow with special aluminum shoes. So Kitten woke me up at Ouch in the Morning and asked me to come downstairs and be awake. So I watched movies with Gabriel and then turned out the racehorses' owner had some other horses that needed shoes... so they took about twice as long out as they planned.

I thought that pretty much shot today as a writing day since I was very tired, but I've rested for a while and am starting to wake up again. This may be a really good thing. If I get a chapter done today that rocks. If I don't, I won't worry about it because I had three zero-count days in the first book and still finished ahead of schedule with a day off between them.

I can do this. I should rest when I need to. The sketch was 20 minutes and a lot of fun, I do love those Necoolor II wax pastels -- they feel very much like firm oil pastels even though they technically are watersoluble crayons instead. They handle like really good oil pastels and are definitely Artist Grade.
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