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Nanowrimo 2009 Supergoal: Four Book Year:

Magic in the Streets, Nanovel One 2009

Greenwood Road, Nanovel Two 2009

Medicine Show, Nanovel Three 2009

Greenwood Gates, Nanovel Four 2009

On my way -- and if I get two-chapter days from now on out, even not writing on Thanksgiving I'll still get the best year ever, doubling my previous best year ever. This rocks. This is completely amazing to me.

For anyone who's still struggling to get to or keep up with the 1,667 daily words pace of NaNoWriMo, remember a couple of things. I'm doing this full time because I'm disabled, don't have either a job or significant other taking up any of my time. Also, this is not my first Nanowrimo, it's my tenth. I have more than fifty trunk novels to my name, so many that I've actually lost some and don't feel bad about that because I know if I remember the idea, I'll do a better job on it next time.

It gets easier. The more you do it, the more it gets easier. If you do better than you did last year, you're moving toward getting this kind of overachiever craziness someday. If life interferes, then life does -- I didn't win all ten of those years, didn't make it to 50k in 2002 and several others I barely made it to 50k. The only person you can compete with in Nanowrimo is yourself.

Last, these are not good novels in their present form. If I say something's a clean rough, I mean its problems are so huge and obvious they'll be easy to fix, like lopping off the first 2,000 words of Greenwood Road without so much as fixing a sentence. I've spent four years editing The Hunt to turn it into Curse of Vaumuru and it still isn't ready to submit to a publisher, though out of all of them it's the closest. So don't even think about quality till December or till your book is done, whichever comes first.

And keep going if you don't reach The End before midnight that starts December 1st. If you want encouragement for that, please, comment to me here or go to SFFmuse where I will set up a progress thread for Those Finishing Nanovels that will stay up year round till the last poster reaches those magic words, "The End." If you get 2/3 of a good rough draft novel done, that's still thousands of times better than just puttering along thinking you'll write it someday.

And the lousier it is, paradoxically the easier it is to rewrite because you can see what's wrong with it. It's those ones that look at first glance like they're absolutely golden wonderful that give the most headaches.
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