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Chapter 10 done!

Nanowrimo 2009 Supergoal: Four Book Year:

Magic in the Streets, Nanovel One 2009

Greenwood Road, Nanovel Two 2009

Medicine Show, Nanovel Three 2009

Greenwood Gates, Nanovel Four 2009

Four chapter day if you count from waking to sleeping as a day. Finished at a quarter to four. I couldn't sleep at midnight, so decided to shower and let my hair dry while I wrote. Either I would wake up early tomorrow by going to bed early and try to get in a little writing during the cooking, or stay up and get in one more chapter and really relax tomorrow. That and showering right after waking up was not a really good idea in itself, considering I might sleep late whether or not I went to bed early.

Tomorrow, good food and drink, might not even blog, probably won't have any writing time. Friday, I'm back to Greenwood Gates surging toward an interesting end -- one that really could spawn a seven book series. I seem to be able to put it down between volumes and change tracks, so if it wants to be that huge... fine. They have not yet come to another gate.

But, I'm now at nearly 60k and planning 80k, so I've got only 20,500 words to go or so. Four chapters would not be enough to sew up what I have going now in conflicts and intensity. Thus this book is Susan's Quest whether it's all from her point of view or not. It was her Gate and it seems to be focusing mostly on issues very relevant to her with some interesting echoes among the other characters.

Themes are running very deep in this one and it's so cool that way. There are bits I'll tighten or jazz up when I do the edits, but I'm liking it a lot.

It's been a while since I gave myself this much room for subplots. Duh. Cast. It's a big cast with plenty of main characters. Every one of them has a story and every one of them will be major in one of the books, not to mention the other characters coming in. I've even got the twist worked out for one of the endings.

This is fun. It's just a lot of fun and I can't stop at the end of November. Maybe instead I'll take a few days every month to do another of these and lightly outline volumes, just jot notes on "upcoming" to see what happens. Right now it's so character driven that plans unravel as fast as I make them.

A day of rumination will be cool too! I haven't been giving much time to that with the race to the finish but it'll help a lot.

If I finish with time left at the end, maybe I'll go stuff padding into Medicine Show to turn that red bar green though. It's done, but it'd be fun to see them all turn green.

Also Radio Rivendell is fantastic for staying on track, writing more, getting in the mood and staying in the mood. I recommend it for fantasy writers -- totally relaxing, better than a playlist with fewer repetitions, no need to stop and hunt down fantasy theme music. I finally found something for music that I can use without having to stop and sort music!
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