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Thanksgiving Feast & Chapter 11 Done

Our guests got called away to do Thanksgiving with some of their relatives, so the feast was just us today. Kitten outdid herself beyond any expectations. She made favorites of mine like the special mashed potatoes with the skins in and managed to improve on them. Everything on the table was beautiful, she laid out a gorgeous table, then on top of that everything tasted better than it looked.

She also bragged on some amazing little stealth nutrition tricks she worked into all the good stuff. Everyone ate till we were stuffed and couldn't handle a bite. Turkey, yams, potatoes, brussels sprouts, whole-berry cranberry sauce, stuffing, cinnamon pull aparts, rolls, pecan pie and pumpkin pie. Completely traditional and everything so good it was the best feast ever. She didn't make the pies, right now she's working two jobs and her idea of homemade pies takes two days and involves incredible pastry. But they made the perfect finish to an incredible meal.

She said it was all easy but that's the "easy" of someone so skilled that if she was a painter, that feast was something done with the big squirrel round and a small palette, finished fast because she knew exactly what she was doing and how those exact pigments would combine -- and visually it was that beautiful too. There are tons of really good leftovers too.

I got in half a chapter while she was cooking, ate and hung out downstairs and spent some very happy family time talking about everything from nutrition to 17th century carpentry. Then the tryptophan got to me and I wobbled upstairs for a two hour nap. Then I finished the rather longish chapter.

The heck, it can break to two shorter ones or get trimmed in rewrite. This is Nanowrimo, not a time to go making everything try to be perfect. One of the themes of this book, Susan's Quest, is that Susan is a perfectionist who beats herself up too much. So I'll learn from the theme of what I'm writing and not expect my rough draft to be perfect! It's a story and I'm enjoying it a lot.

The series will be seven books after all, because there's no way I'm going to get them through somebody else's quest in only three more chapters. One quest per book. One character profiled in depth while the series plot moves on and established characters continue to grow and interact.

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