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Got my words, started Pastel Strokes!

This month I am hosting the "Pastel Strokes" challenge in the Pastel Talk forum on http://www.wetcanvas.com -- went there at midnight and replied to the moderator with my challenge and chosen photos. She got back to me this morning, approved my photos and suggested adding a holiday theme one from the Reference Image Library, so I picked a really pretty fun one with lots of glass shiny ornaments and lace for the OMG realism-and-textures artists. Challenge is to Change the Light -- warm the light, cool the light, change the direction, pump up the color or mute it, look at the reference but imagine how it'd look in different light and paint that. I will of course be doing the challenge too, and post my art when I do it.

The first day of my Thousand Word Challenge (which includes edits) I got in Chapter 13 on Greenwood Home. I could not make it an Evil Chapter 13 - it just wouldn't work. That wasn't that point in the plot. Then I remembered the varying chapter sizes and that I'm splitting up chapters so it won't be chapter 13 in the edits anyway, no point to that. I just wrote the chapter that came there in the plot and it worked. War council and some twists.

Greenwood Home, December Finish:
Nanovel Five 2009 End Count 65,415

Many fewer widgets now, I'll just use that one till the book's done. It may run long though. :D

In other news, I slept a lot, really slept a lot and plan on going back to bed. I am wiped out from all the November intensity! Lazy one-chapter days for a while I think.
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