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Art day to relax post-book

Dawn at Outcrop on Mt. Petit Jean
Pan pastels on white PastelMat paper, work in progress, about 7" x 10"

Or something like that, I didn't measure the pad. It's the size of the small pad of PastelMat that I got to review and it isn't done. I think the sky is pretty much done, the rest of the landscape is just blocked in. I had fun with that but it's as far as I got.

Today was the wiped-out OMG my book is actually over feeling. December is on me. I need to get started reading Curse of Vaumuru to get going on it and wanted some time off in between. So call today my day off, it was a day for relaxing and playing with Pan Pastels and doing some cleanup after letting my table pile up with anything that wound up on it during November. Including lots of reference books.

I shelved lots of reference books today.

I also got my Amazon package with Terry Pratchett's latest, Unseen Academicals, in hardcover no less. About football, which is more like soccer crossed with rugby crossed with war (but without the consideration and general graciousness) when played Ankh-Morpork style. It's fun. What can I say, it's a Pratchett! A new one!

I was good and didn't buy a whole lot of art supplies so I get my Pratchett.

I can work hard again after I'm done devouring his latest wonderful looniness.
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