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Da Vinci sketch (copy)

Bearded Man after Leonardo da Vinci
3 1/2" x 5 1/2"
9B graphite pencil on Moleskine sketchbook.

I drew this copying one of the sketches in my Leonardo da Vinci Sketchbook and was glad to see I got the gist of the man's character. I'm still working on getting the gestural strokes he used for doing curly hair, they look so cool on anyone's curls, also da Vinci's hatching and crosshatching seems more fluid than mine, less stiff. Still, it's a good start on copying the masters.

In other news, I finished line editing Vaumuru's Curse last night and discovered I don't have multiple new chapters to finish. Only one, they need to get to that ancient cave and discover its horrifying secrets. That's it. I was going to do it tonight, but today's been a pretty heavy pain day.

Okay, it was a breakout pain day and at a couple of points when I first got up it slammed up to pain level ten. That's the "I want to die" level. So maybe getting a sick day in the middle of a project is something I have to accept, but at least I know now that the rest of the project is within reach. It should only take me a day to write the chapter and another day to clean up the synopsis and do the cover letter.

Then it's out the door to the Ethan Ellenberg Agency and four other markets or agents. I hope I get an agent, I really do. But if I get a publisher first, that is a good way to get an agent anyway!
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