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Writer's Block: Simply wonderful

It's often said that the simple things in life are the most precious. What small pleasures make you the happiest?
Snuggling my cat Ari. I am loved by a cat. (Kitty picture below.) But if you leave out relationships and love, I'd have to say it's my art supplies. I enjoy buying new supplies, testing products, drawing and painting with them, finding new things I bought months or years ago that I haven't actually tried yet. Drawing and painting is a major stress relief for me, it lightens things up on pain days and it gives me something cool to write about and socialize about. Art's a good icebreaker in almost any circumstance.

So of course sometimes I combine these pleasures by painting portraits of my beloved cat or taking his picture to do portraits from!

Ari on my Knee
Oil pastel on sanded pastel paper, 8" x 10"
This is the best portrait I've ever done of him to date. My sketchbook's full of him though and my hard drive is full of good photo references of him and my daughter's cat, so I'll naturally do more! He was purring when I took the reference photo, plastered on my lap completely relaxed and purring while I waved the phone around getting him from different angles.
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Dec. 22nd, 2009 04:25 pm (UTC)
The area around his nose and eyes are superbly done!
Dec. 23rd, 2009 04:12 am (UTC)
Thank you! This painting was my entry for the 2009 Oil Pastel Society show, which I didn't win -- but I saw why when I saw the winning entries, there were so many really good paintings I wasn't surprised at all that mine didn't win anything. Maybe next year. It's so not for sale, it's the first really good, recognizable portrait of Ari that I've ever done.
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