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No New Year's Resolutions, Some Art

Garden Gnome
ACEO size, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"
Cretacolor pastel pencils and Richeson hard pastels on cream Stonehenge paper, photo by PETE_K from the January Pastel Strokes event on WetCanvas.com. I didn't think I'd do the one with the garden gnome till I did, now I like it. Love those new pastels!

Gnome brought me luck, I wasn't expecting them till Monday but while I was working on him Karl brought up the enormous box. Not one stick in the giant foam-padded wood case is broken. The slotted holders are sturdy thick foam, not the styrene ones that are so hard to get sticks out of. Love this set. Richeson's pastels are great. Lots and lots of greens, a good fifth of the set is good greens and another fifth vibrant blues.

I ordered those pastels back in October but there was such a huge run on the set (it's a new product) for Christmas that they kept selling out. Blick even emailed to apologize to me for the long delay, then at the last they arrived a couple of days faster than predicted. Good old Blick! I'll have to go back and order from them again next time.

I went to a different site for January's art supplies, finally got around to doing the Dakota Order that I've been planning for ages. I had a bit of money left over to add to my check so I drove myself broke and pushed it to $300 to get free shipping. Dakota doesn't do those cool coupons that Blick does, but they did have several of my items still on sale. Now we'll find out how fast they deliver and ship.

I got the Pan Pastels Deep Darks plus the Neutral Gray Extra Light Tint 8, so I will have the full 80 color range once the package arrives. Also decided to get both 9 1/2" x 12 1/4" pads and eight full sheets of PastelMat paper, giving it to me in two modes. I might keep everything I do in the pads in the pads to take advantage of the glassine inserts, cutting sheets if I want to do anything to frame and hang. I'm running out of wall space.

Pans work better on PastelMat than anything else and the paper is sweet for pastel pencils too. It allows more detail than the Colourfix, so it's good for super-realism or for small pieces like ACEOs. I know I'll cut ACEO blanks off my full sheets, that's just too tempting with how fine-grained PastelMat is.

I'll also have more product reviews coming because I bought the Coated Papers Sampler and the Greens soft pastels sampler. I'll be trying many more brands of pastels and papers than I have in the past, with decent sized pieces of paper about 9" x 12" that are right in my comfort zone. As for the sticks, I can never get enough greens. I love landscapes and having a good variety of greens always makes them more fun. Green is also one of those colors I use up fastest covering large areas, so if I have lots of greens I don't run out of them as fast.

Yesterday I also played with my Pans again and did this still life with orange slices, again from PETE_K's photo in the Pastel Strokes challenge.

5 Orange Slices
Pan Pastels on white sketchbook paper, 8" x 9"

I had the Pans out because Kitten corrected me on the color of Rhiannon's eyes. So I fixed Rhiannon's eyes -- that "one last thing" she always sees in anything I write or paint however well! She is really my best-ever critiquer, her suggestions are always spot on. She can see what to do even when it's something she doesn't have the skill yet to tackle. I'm awed by that and hope to become as observant as she is someday.

Rhiannon Edited
8" x 10"
Pan Pastels on Colourfix, from life and my own reference photo. The photo hung me up on her eye color, it wasn't true in the picture. It's also hard to see unless you manage to hold the puppy just right in the sunlight and then hold her nose so she can't wiggle, keeping her eye in the shadow so reflections don't obscure her eye color. Her eyes are actually a Raw Umber or walnut brown color, not redder and warmer than her golden fur. Beautiful eyes.

She also licked my nose and loved on me during those puppy indignities, she's exuberantly friendly and loves attention of any kind. Kitten really got a great little dog!
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