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An Oak Tree

An Oak Tree
9" x 6"
Art Spectrum 60 pure tones pastels set
Light blue Canson mi-Tientes paper, smooth side.

I did this from the other oak tree demo by Scottyarthur in the "Starting my Tree Studies, join in if you want" thread in Soft Pastel Talk forum on WetCanvas.com yesterday. I posted it to DeviantART but forgot to post it here!

This one is a triumph for me in imaginary landscapes. The demo only had the tree and I didn't stick strictly to the shape of the branches Scott drew, just its general shape and profile and the stages of color he used building up the foliage. Turns out I could have used peach along with the light gold at the early stage I thought was just light gold, it was a quirk of the scan. I'll do that next time, it would've looked great.

The creek was a challenge. I sketched it in loose with a bend in it but the bend didn't look real or lay flat in the scene. I wasn't sure how to fix it until I noticed the bend looked like it was rolling down over a slight ridge -- so I added some rocks and foam. Wow. Several strokes later, it went from Mistake to utterly real and placed exactly to lead the eye back to the tree as focal point.

The distant mountain is shaped like several of the local mountains around here and was done from memory. I had fun composing this one. The hill on the far side of the creek was a line I threw in by mistake and moved! But it developed into something else and kept the horizon from being too flat straight across. So I'm getting better at making up landscapes as visual fiction, this is fun.

I've also got a three day writing challenge that I want to get in a good story for it tonight for dreaming in ink, my writing critique group. I've got a prompt to work from and it gave me an idea last night. So that's what I'll work on when the sun goes down.
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Jan. 19th, 2010 11:06 pm (UTC)
The rocks & the rapids in the stream is great, and really does draw one's eye back to the tree. Sweet!
Jan. 19th, 2010 11:31 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm getting intense with landscapes, think my scenes are improving a lot lately. If I can just keep on with doing better compositions when I imagine scenes, it'll help a lot.
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