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No art images today, I just primed two canvas boards with Permanent Rose acrylic for oil painting projects. The garish underpainting should come out well with what I'm doing over it. When the painting's done, I'll post it. I made two so that Karl could paint along with me when I do the workshop project from the Beginners Oil Painting Workshop that I won on my Ning group with A White Wolf.

Then tonight I finally wrote my 3 Day Challenge story for Dreaming in Ink, my critique and writing group. dii is very strict about critiquing but I can post a challenge story to the list without spending points, while I'll get double points if I critique anyone else's Challenge story. So far I have not seen Challenge stories in the subject line.

I did write to the prompt. It was a picture and I got my idea for it at first glance -- sort of. Then last night talked it over with Nerwen and got help plotting it out. Short stories need outlining or they turn into novel openers. The only thing I can freewrite like that is novels.

It's a fun little piece almost a thousand words. It may expand with more description and detail in the rewrite, but I'll wait to see what critiquers have to say before cleaning it up. I'll probably get plenty of takers, I put the length in the subject line!

Hey, that's my first fiction in 2010 and first short story in 2010. Good start to the year. What a relief!

For the second really bad sick day in a row, I am doing great. I woke up at three this morning with a horrible nightmare and could not get back to sleep. I couldn't manage to get all the way awake either but when I pushed myself to start the story, it helped to get my mind off the pain for... an hour or so. That's why I like doing novels -- I did 48 hours warmup and only got an hour of writing on this. Versus what happens with novels where I just leap in without looking and keep writing till I reach The End.

Last night was a very big thunderstorm too. It's probably the changing pressure that knocked me out, same as springtime in Kansas. Same thing tonight, it was sunny for a while and the warm front was over us and then it got colder and wham, thunderstorm again. My body doesn't respond well to those and they kick both the arthritis and chronic fatigue up to extremes.

But when I manage to do anything this month it seems to turn out well, so I'm glad I pushed.
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Jan. 24th, 2010 01:40 am (UTC)
Hi Robert, I came over from the Wet Canvas gouache tree thread to see your journal. I'm enjoying looking at more of your work.... I love the oil pastels... great color. I've got a slow connection and must say that your page still wasn't loaded after about 10 minutes so I didn't see all your art.

Carole Baker
Jan. 24th, 2010 03:39 am (UTC)
Sorry about that. Most of my entries have art on them, you happened to catch me at a point that I'd posted about writing. I've done some pastels lately that are in Soft Pastel Talk in the "Starting my Tree Studies, Join In If You Like" thread started by Scottyarthur, working from an oak tree demo he did. Those are the two I posted most recently.

I'll keep posting art as I do it though.
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