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Good day, bad day...

The good day is today. This morning Kitten checked her account. Yep, her tax money came in, so she bought my computer this morning. I'll link to it. This thing is crazy insane cool. As has happened before with upgrades, it is the fastest bestest coolest one I've ever had. No matter how many times I go through that, it's always a pure joy to me and inspires a lot of good writing and drawing -- and in the case of this one, videomaking.

HP Pavilion dv7-1245dx Refurbished Super Laptop at Tiger Direct. It's on its way, it'll be here next week or the week after given UPS as it is. But they're usually pretty fast from Tiger Direct. At least the netbook was!

It is the first time I've gotten one with a 17" screen. I got to play with Nonny's 17" screen MacBook back in 2002 and was delighted with how many windows I could keep open at the same time, all visible. I like to multitask and I don't like working full screen on things. I'm used to having RoughDraft open and scaled down to keep my paragraph length short. Then a browser, not full screen but with tabs, and whatever else I'm using. Could be the webcam, could be Gimp, could be MS Word, a lot of things all at once.

With all the power and huge hard drive, it'll be good for making videos. I might even poke into digital art some more on it, still using Gimp because that's the software I know and love. I was considering getting it a new mouse, except I don't want another battery driven mouse when the recharger ... actually I'd just need to have another set of batteries for it if I did that. The recharger has two empty docks on it so each one could have its batteries recharging.

However, I also went surfing and found the Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch setup, it looked pretty good. So once the computer's paid up, I may finally get the tiny low end Wacom thing and start mousing and drawing with a pen shaped object instead of trying to do it with a mouse. They've even got some refurbished ones, so that's a better bargain than getting it new (and greener than buying new electronics and wearing them out).

Much happiness over the new computer, now I'm in that pleasant state of anticipation that goes between the month's shopping and the arrival of the happy thing I bought. It's bigger than doing an art supply order, though if I got the Wacom later on that could count as art supplies.

I will need to rearrange my desk for it. A lot of small things will need to get put away to make the space for something almost sixteen inches wide but the area on my table for it is deep enough if I go clearing out all the clutter. Something I might even do before it arrives so that when I get at the package I don't also need to declutter my drafting table.

I still have three beautiful pears set up in a still life arrangement on my table and it's not even noon yet. So I may get in some art today later on. Depends on how I feel.

I'm in a very good mood without a trace of fibro flare at the moment. The joy of Computer Upgrade has obliterated the pain of yesterday's massive stress. I had to go in to see the doctor because of a stupid clerical error.

Arkansas has very strict laws on pain medication and some other categories of prescription drugs because of a particularly nasty drug abuse problem in the state. It's actually about methamphetamine. They even have to control bulk purchases of a lot of over the counter drugs like Sudafed or acetaminophen... it seems that my happy little nonaddictive maintenance pain medication, Tramadol, can be boiled down in bulk and turned into meth. So the additional doctor appointments are "proof of existence and chronic condition."

I have to go twice a year. But, I didn't get any warning or notice because Dr. Sandberg's office told Walgreens and they said they'd inform me -- and didn't. I was supposed to go back in November and didn't get told, then they cut me off this time because I hadn't made the appointment I didn't know I needed. I was still under the impression I only needed to go in for an annual checkup and it wasn't May yet so I wouldn't need to go till the weather was decent -- right?

Not. They got me in for an emergency appointment. I bathed so that I wouldn't go in stinking like an addict, after having had a long rough patch of bad days I barely got out of bed when showering was too much. I kept up the sponge bathing but that doesn't mean washing my hair, which had gotten long and stiff with grease. I hate how that feels, but when I'm not physically up to it, I'm not up to it. If I don't go out, that just becomes a minor annoyance and a daily hope that tomorrow I'll feel good enough to bathe.

It's easier taking a bath than a shower. So I took a bath -- and that took all of the day's energy right there and threw me into back spasms in itself from too much walking around and bending. It wasn't much. It was raining yesterday -- still is today. A major arthritis day, bad hip went off big time. But then I had to go out to the appointment itself and the chairs at the office are not that great.

I was passing out before it was time to go, got in a short fifteen minute nap. We stopped at Starbucks and I finally had the hot chocolate I've been craving for a week. Don't ask me why I wound up craving hot cocoa -- it was just weird because I'm not normally a chocoholic. But I had a brownie and a hot chocolate that really warmed me up well. Then it was off to see the doc and his confusion that I hadn't been told was about equal to mine.

It wouldn't have been such a big deal if I'd known in advance -- for one thing I wouldn't have gone to the appointment not two hours after the bath, before resting enough for my back spasms to go down. I got home with the pills, took the pills, wound up with breakout pain and went to bed at seven. I couldn't even go to bed when I first got home because I was in too much pain, so read some more Terry Pratchett until I could manage to blank out completely.

All this because the idiots at Walgreens did not see fit to inform me that I needed to make an appointment and go in again -- and thus couldn't set up the appointment for better weather either. There were some good days in between. I'm sure for my next one that I'll be doing fine and glad to get out of the house. In this area in the summer, it's like rolling the clock back in time. I wind up able to do more and move around more, might shower that morning without even thinking of it as a big deal.

But this winter's been a bad winter and that kind of nasty surprise and emergency action takes its toll. So today I'm in a good mood with the fibro flare part of it blasted out of consciousness by two things. It's over, but I've got a computer upgrade on its way to me and that's what's ahead. Nasty things in the past are finite, especially when it turns out to be that kind of goof. Kitten was a good deal more intelligible than I would've been and definitely gave Walgreens a piece of her mind about it. We will get reminders next time.

I found out that if I needed Xanax it'd have to be monthly visits to get the prescription -- this state really has a major problem. Apparently there are a lot of people who'll try anything to get high here. And of course with the meth cook-down, plenty of people willing to do anything for a large fast buck catering to them. It's crazy and it's got to be a lot harder on the mentally ill than someone like me. With the reminders and Dr. Sandberg's genial, respectful attitude, it shouldn't be a problem in future.

I think that more than anything else helped bring the stress down. Emergency Over, now I just need to rest up till I can move around again as well as I can for winter.

The snow has all melted. It's just a typical wet brown rainy day out there, soggy and dull. But I got to see some beautiful country on the drive, Kitten deliberately took the scenic route. She and I both know that her car's passenger seat actually helps my back. The longer I get to ride around, the better I can function when I get out of the car -- so we went the scenic way and looped around Skyline Drive just to look at the cliffs without their foliage. They were magnificent.

I wound up memorizing tree shapes, so many beautiful variations on leafless tree shapes. Misty forests vanishing off into the distance with exaggerated aerial perspective because of the rain itself, some places had large chunks of rain coming down in patches. I love the mountains around here no matter the season. We talked about a lot of things, including that it's warmer here on the ridges than down between them in the valleys. When she gets her farm, she wants it to have a nice ridge on it for planting fruit trees that won't grow down in the valleys -- peaches, cherries, apples all grow best on the ridges. And apricots, apparently those grow around here too.

So that is awesome.

Ari was very happy to see me when I came home. He slithered right into my lap and applied Fuzzy Tummy Purring Treatment to my bad hip as soon as I got into my chair. He's a sweet cat even if I'm the one person in the world that gets his soft and fuzzy side. Kitten told some Ari anecdotes to Dr. Sandburg while I was there, had me cracking up with her descriptions.

He has been nicer to her and Karl lately though, lets them have several pets before walking away. I didn't realize they were counting the number of times they get to pet him. If I get started, he'll start head banging and won't let me stop till we've had a good five or ten minutes of snuggle time. So that was the end of yesterday's bad day -- a happy ending in purring fur and at least some sleep even if it was intermittent. It was one of those nights I woke up when the pills wore off but I did get enough sleep for today.

And now I've got the HP to look forward to. I've never had an HP computer before, heard good things about them though and do recall others showing off quite old and still good HP computers and printers.
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Feb. 5th, 2010 11:10 pm (UTC)
What a horrible thing to have happen, but I'm glad you've got the computer to look forward to.
Feb. 5th, 2010 11:49 pm (UTC)
Yep! Thanks. The bad part's over and the good stuff still to come, that's much better than the other way round.
Feb. 5th, 2010 11:48 pm (UTC)
Going in order here...

OH YAY on the computer. I'm SO GLAD that one was still in stock, because it seemed perfect for what you want to do! I hope she runs beautifully when you get her. :D

Washington State has similar requirements on pain medication. We have to see our doctor every three months because he can't put refills on any longer than that for the tramadol, ambien, and soma. It sucks, but at least we get along great with our doctor. He's an older Asian gent, very soft-spoken, and very knowledgeable. Unlike a lot of doctors, if he thinks there's an issue, he will explain what and why in terms that we understand easily.

Pharmacies suck sometimes about notifications. Ours was supposed to do similar and never did. We ended up switching (to Walgreen's, actually) because the one we'd been using was losing prescriptions, stiffing us on medication, and then telling us "Well, everything looks fine in the computer...", and since there's a drug problem in the state, and the medications they fucked up on are controlled.......... yeah. That reminds me I still need to write an e-mail to their store and district manager.

I'm really glad the doc you're seeing is one that's not panic-inducing. I remember how much trouble you had even with Dr. Idemudia. It's good Kitten can be there for you, too. Helps so much having someone there to help with communication.

*hugs offered* and give the Ari-cat scritches for me. :)
Feb. 5th, 2010 11:51 pm (UTC)
Purrrr thanks! You do understand completely. It was crazy. Dr. Sandberg isn't bad at all. He didn't remember the bit about exercise and repeated what he said the first time I went in, but accepted my explanation pretty much the same as the first time -- I don't waste energy on repetitive motion that'll injure me when I could spend it on doing something real like taking care of myself or having fun.
Feb. 6th, 2010 11:17 pm (UTC)
roller coaster
I used to say (when I was going through a really really really bad bipolar patch some years ago) that it isn't that I am bipolar - it is that my life is a roller coaster ride. True at the time - and the first thing I thought of when I read your post.

I am so squee squee happy for you over the computer it is unreal!

The whole Dr. thing makes me think of the last appointment the VA made for Third for his dental work. His teeth are so awful - you know three got knocked out by the gun when he shot Klyde. Just fell out. But the last time they were supposed to get him in to the dentist they called him THE DAY OF THE APPOINTMENT and told him to be there in an hour. In an hour. It takes an hour to get to town. THEN he got there and they went "why are you here?" Turns out the appointment - that he found out about an hour before it happened - WAS IN ALBEQUERQUE. Three hours away. Assuming you have a good car full of gas to go - and someone to drive home after they yank his last ten teeth. Well, because of that I can't even get him to call and try for another appointment now. I guess he'll just suffer until he has a heart attack or something and ends up in the hospital again. Sigh. (Pus now draining from his gums but he won't call because he can't afford to go to Albequerque)

Anyway - all that aside - New Mexico has huge meth drug problems, too - so I bet anyone on any kind of pain meds has to jump through all the same hoops. Unless, of course, you get on medical marijuana - LOL - yes, NM has that. Nice but you almost have to have something terminal such a liver cancer in order to get it.

Yes, I am unfocused today...

Feb. 6th, 2010 11:35 pm (UTC)
Re: roller coaster
He might be helped by brushing his teeth with peroxide. That's what I do when my chronic gum infection flares. First day it's painful, usually the first couple of times are the worst and I'll do it five or six times that day, then as it gets easier keep it up a bit after all the pain is gone just to make sure it's gone.

I've got some broken teeth that I ought to have pulled but I've lived with that for years due to that kind of trouble with dental appointments. Last time they lied to me, said they had nitrous and when I got there was told they only give the nitrous to kids. I don't do dental without nitrous.

It's amazing how people won't actually think when they do things like that, look at the address and realize it's three hours away. That's just crazy.

The roller coaster -- yep, that's what happens sometimes. Thankfully where and how I'm living now it's pretty rare though. The happy new computer is getting me back on keel though.

Today it's been two days since the overexertion and I'm in worse shape than yesterday, the second day after is often the worst. I wound up going back to bed a couple of times after getting up and have got nothing done, having trouble even focusing on reading Pratchett let alone anything else.

Medical Marijuana would almost make it worth moving to a bad climate... but I don't think it would even out, don't think that'd do enough to make up for not being able to breathe in a desert. Arkansas should get it, then maybe it'd catch on with the drug crowmd too and we'd have healthier dopers.

Edited at 2010-02-06 11:36 pm (UTC)
Feb. 7th, 2010 07:15 pm (UTC)
Re: roller coaster
***poor baby**** HUGS PURRS HEADBUTTS hope you are feeling better finally. I'll pass your suggestion on to Third but you know how hard headed he is about stuff. Really, if we could get the cash together it would make more sense for us all to make a group trip to Mexico for dental - cheaper, better, quicker. Less bull crap.

Trading being unable to breathe for Medical marijuana isn't much of a trade. Plus, as I said, it is next to impossible to get a prescription. You pretty much have to be terminal. At least that is what I've heard. Maybe different if you Dr. is in Albequerque...

You have to laugh - our insurance INSISTS hubby's Dr. is in T or C. She was shocked to see us with our address - she is in Las Cruces. She is at this corp clinic that has a T or C branch and when she sent us there for labs they refused to see him because his Dr. is in L.C. clinic. It ridiculous but at the same time I'm just as glad that his Dr's are both in L.C. and they work with the hospital in L.C. so we can avoid this awful so-called hospital here in T or C. They are beyond bad. I'd go to the veterinarian before this hospital. Meanwhile, the transplant center is in Albequerque, so it looks like before long we'll be making runs up there, too. Sigh. I'm trying to browbeat Third into making an appointment to coincide with ours so we can all go at once. Stubborn old goat.

Well, enough of this - you get some rest and take care.
Feb. 7th, 2010 07:37 pm (UTC)
Re: roller coaster
Hey, I suggested it because he's hard headed about stuff and it's cheap and easy. Only takes a couple of minutes being stoic several times the first day to get past the hard part, not going out or getting humiliated by dentists. If he's got pus oozing, he's already got so much pain with it and is so stoic with it that he'd be able to use that method. This is more on the order of whiskey in your bullet wound than actually seeing doctors or dentists.

That insurance runaround is insane. But at least you don't have to go to a bad hospital. Yesterday was nothing but rest. Today I finally managed a painting, a study of the still life that's been set up on my table for a week. I'd better eat the pears soon, so glad I got in a good study of them. Might do some more sketching before I eat them though.
Feb. 10th, 2010 01:46 am (UTC)
Re: roller coaster
We got guardedly good news from hubby's dr - he is stable at least and she is going to write a letter telling disability he needs to go on full disability now because of the type of work he does.

OTH Third closed up the bar early and came home because he was having chest pains. Yes, I told him, his daughters both told him, his work friends told him that tooth infections can cause heart attacks. He got up feeling terrible and after fighting me for another three hours finally called the clinic here only to be told that he does not have dental benefits through the VA. I'm standing there telling him this is a blessing because about two hours of the fight was him saying he cannot got to Albequerque and refusing to let me take him (to the VA hospital). They told him he could qualify for this discount program at the local clinic, and that they could see him now and fill out the papers in 30 days. He did actually leave early and go to the clinic, and he called and asked me for the names of his meds later so maybe - just maybe - just possibly - he at least filled out the paperwork and maybe - MAYBE someone who cares realized he is in actual dire straits RIGHT NOW and got him some help. Probably not. He's probably at work and plans to wait 30 days for the discount to come through. If he lives.

*rolling eyes*

Sorry, I'm very negative today. Very tired of swimming upstream right now.

Feb. 10th, 2010 06:45 pm (UTC)
Re: roller coaster
Yay about hubby's latest news, I'll bet that's a vast relief. Maybe this is just the thing for him to actually get it seen to. I say this when I haven't been to a dentist since I lived in New York... but then I'm not getting chest pains and the gum infection goes away if I knock it down with peroxide. Sounds like insurance insanity too.
Feb. 10th, 2010 07:04 pm (UTC)
Re: roller coaster
Glory Hallelujah - Third went to the clinic and someone had enough sense to realize he was in urgent need of care. Got him in to their dentist, got him antibiotics, got him a rinse to use twice a day and set up an appointment next Wednesday to pull two teeth. One is cracked and broken off - he knew about that one - but it turns out the one behind it got knocked around or something to the point that one of the roots is now sticking out of his gum and rubbing the inside of his mouth. No wonder it hurts. He is griping about what it is going to cost (not even knowing if he qualifies for the discounts yet - sigh) but it is being taken care of. His girls and grandkids came by work last night and more or less shook a finger at him and reminded him he has a little cowboy to raise. Sigh. Whatever. I'm relieved anyway. LOL.
Feb. 10th, 2010 07:09 pm (UTC)
Re: roller coaster
Oh that's good, so he's getting it taken care of now. That rocks.
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