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Drapery and Pears

Drapery and Pears
6" x 8"
Color Conte hard pastels on light gray ClaireFontaine PastelMat coated pastel card.

From life, from the three beautiful pears Kitten and Karl got me last week when they went grocery shopping. I've had this setup with the three pears on a dark blue pillowcase on my table for days. I was just about warming up to doing it when the unexpected doctor appointment emergency happened on Thursday, so the green pear changed almost to yellow in the mean time. Fortunately they were a bit unripe, hard as rocks back when I got them. They're just now getting to a nice edible texture, so I might do a few more sketches and start eating them before they go bad.

Yesterday was wretched, the absolute worst pain day of 2010. I passed out from the pain several times and crawled back into bed with breakout pain. What it would've been like without meds would've been level 10, the suicide thoughts level -- it hovered near there a couple of times. This was a combination of arthritis and muscle spasms in my back from the scoliosis, which is what blew out when I overexerted. It always happens if I throw my back. It's happened like that as far back as I can remember.

I had humiliating incidents in gym with my back doing that in grade school. I wound up with the scoliosis diagnosed because of a day in high school when I dropped my books, bent to pick them up and fell over, then couldn't get up again. I tried to get up off a housemate's bed once after a roleplaying game session when it went out and I got stuck for a half hour at a time in four intermediate positions, resulting in that guy thinking I was trying to stay late and get attention! When all I wanted was to make it to my feet and back to my room so I could lay down and sleep.

I did these pears using the Colourist method, so if you'd like to see the stages I'll put them under the cut.

Stage One is to abstract the subject to flat areas of color -- cool colors in all shadow areas, warm colors in all highlight areas even if the local color is the opposite. Thus the red and blue fabric.

Stage Two is to push the colors toward the accurate color for the large color masses without detailing anything. Just get the color and value right, or as close as possible in one layer.

Stage Three is to break up each color mass into specific smaller areas of hue and value changes. This is always where it starts looking rounded and natural, some paintings look done at this stage. It's also common to leave areas outside the focal point at stage three or even stage two so that the focal point has more interest. I considered the background done at this point except for tweaks to edge up the fruit in the final stage, which was of course, final details.

If you're interested in trying this method, there's a very good book by Susan Sarback: Capturing Radiant Light & Color in Oils and Pastels, or you can go to WetCanvas.com, join and check out the Soft Pastel channel "Soft Pastel Library" for ESP: Colourful Still Life class hosted by Colorix who is also known as Charlotte Herczfeld, a modern master of the Colourist method who studied with Susan Sarback.

I love Charlie's paintings, they are incredible. I linked her name to her site so you can see them for yourself, currently what she's got up to see first is a gorgeous white tiger -- who's not posing regally but chowing down on a nice big lump of red meat in action. That tiger looks tough!

I'm also buying Rosendal's Orangerie from her in payments. It's an incredible painting!
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Feb. 8th, 2010 01:37 am (UTC)
Pear Painting
This is great, now I will go check the links you provided. Thanks.
Feb. 8th, 2010 03:15 am (UTC)
Re: Pear Painting
Thank you! I think you'll really enjoy them.
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