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It arrived yesterday!

Yep, I now have an HP Pavilion with a 17" screen, fast dual core processor, Radeon video card, irritating spell check turning up on posts, IM and so on, 4mb RAM upgradeable to 8mb and when I get to that stage of all the setup, I think it includes free upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista. I have this slip of paper from HP that says to show proof of purchase, which means getting the order number out of Kitten when she gets back from Memphis.

So I think I'll deal with that when she comes home. As before when she loaned me a bit to get a replacement computer, she bought it on her account and then I gave her the money, though she'll write me a receipt so that if I sell a book I'll have that for 2010 taxes.

It's fantastic. I love the giant screen. I love the multitasking. I've been doing lots and lots of installing things and everything runs better of course. The color's truer on this screen, an unexpected happy development.

So I'm having a good time with it and might do some art this afternoon between installs. The sound was another incredible happy surprise. I made the videos using a tiny netbook with tinny faint speakers. I had no idea how strong or deep my voice was coming out in them. When I played them back on this machine, I sounded a lot more like I do to my own ears.

I'd been embarrassed about how my voice sounded squeaky and weird, thinking the difference was bone conduction. Friends were complimenting my voice and going "Wow you have a great voice" and I was wondering if they were pulling my leg -- thinking I really did sound like Truman Capote. Nope. I sound good. I sound eerily like my dad when it comes to that, which is a fun recognition.

Haven't heard playback on anything with good speakers till now really, so that made a big difference. I would guess other people watching on little netbooks are used to everyone sounding that squeaky. lol

Oh yes! I almost forgot. This is the first time I got an HP computer. The last thing I expected was an intro that looked as if the Harry Potter theme should be playing, with a couple of magical hands waving around surprisingly Potterish text. That cracked me and Kitten up, it's fun. "Computing is Personal Again."

Yep. Just happens to play a gag off something so huge and popular it's personal to about everyone, very, very daintily stepping around copyright. But in a good way, since this computer is definitely a lot of fun and it does feel magical to be able to do things on it without anything choking or stuttering or slowing! A real upgrade coming after the pathetic decline of a nearly-dead machine is always at its most dramatic.
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Feb. 10th, 2010 08:23 pm (UTC)
Somehow I think you meant 4GB of RAM, not 4MB of RAM :)
Feb. 11th, 2010 03:18 am (UTC)
Yes! LOL... yeah, I can remember when having 4mb of RAM would have been a lot though. It's a trip to think back to those days. My first computer had a 10 megabyte hard drive. But it had Cut, Copy and Paste, so I loved it and did a lot of writing in text files.
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