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Drapery and Pears remake...

Drapery and Pears
6" x 8"
Color Conte hard pastels on light gray PastelMat coated pastel card.

From life. I posted it on WetCanvas and got a good critique from my teacher, Charlotte Herczfeld aka Colorix on WetCanvas. After a couple of days looking at it, Kitten noticed the same thing -- the big Korean pear was too bright and light, especially on the shadow side.

So I went in with the blue, green and violet sticks again very lightly shading it down and that worked so well. I like the reworked shadow, though I kept the light side a little brighter than the real pear because it's darkened since I set up the setup. I like how it looks in the painting this way, it's one of those moments when reality isn't as important as a good picture.

I've now eaten the yellow pear too and the Korean pear is probably going to be my dessert tonight. I've done everything I can with them and will get more good fruit to paint from later on when they grocery shop again. This one is a good finish and I'm happy with it. My tulips also started losing petals, so I think they're about done for. We'll get more flowers later on too.

I've been doing a lot of installing software, setting up and then wind up getting tired from the weather. It's still snowy out, still cold, still really hard on my back. So I've been sleeping a lot and pretty slow to get things done. As I find out what seasons do what to my health here, I'll be able to plan better for when to do the things that take effort and energy. For this month, I think small sketches and studies are the best way to go to have anything to show for the weather.

But I've got Cheap Chocolates day to look forward to after the wretched commercial "Snob if you have a mate and a lot of money to show off how much you can buy for her" holiday.

I've also found out that this new "portable desktop" has speakers so powerful I had to turn the volume down in general to get background music... and that it runs Radio Rivendell continuously without slowing down anything. I love how much I can multitask on it, this HP is a joy to use!
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Feb. 12th, 2010 05:09 pm (UTC)
Wonderful painting,

congrats to the new enjoyable computer!

Feb. 13th, 2010 03:37 am (UTC)
Re: Great!
Wow, thank you! LOL -- it's so funny, this month I set out to do sketches and studies, so I wound up slowing down and doing all the stages and preliminaries instead of just racing into it! Must be the Imp of the Perverse, but if my studies turn into good small paintings then so much the better!
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