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Goodies on the way, art collection!

I lucked and had a bit more money than I thought I did. Kitten was kind enough to stick to the original payment schedule for my new 'puter so I was able to do a shaved-down Blick order this month anyway. I spent the $3 for faster home delivery because the main art supply in the order is a replacement set of 48 color Conte sticks.

Ari knocked my 48 color set off the bed while it was open. They fell on the floor and almost all the sticks shattered into 3 to 5 pieces each, half the pieces too small to use. Since those are my favorite hard pastels, the most convenient ones (and nontoxic so I can use them while kittenlets are around), I had to replace those. You've seen a lot of cool art done with them recently and I'd love to do more.

They'll be here Friday, I'm so happy about that! Also getting an intro set of artist grade Maimeri gouache (opaque watercolor in tubes) for a trees-landscapes challenge on WetCanvas, but the rest of the order is frames. Blick put some of the colors in their Spectrum frames on Clearance including Brick, which is a nice looking russet color. If I decide I don't like it in person, I've got a jar of gilding waiting for me to pick a scruffy brush and go over the enamel with gold, turning them into gold frames.

I bought a beautiful little painting from Paula Ford right before my netbook died, $7 in her "30 in 30" landscape series. I loved the way she did the bare branches, they look so frosty and alive, it's incredible.

She may still have some of them unsold, she's only charging $30 for these gorgeous little 5" x 7" landscapes and they are even more magnificent in person. Mine's still packed away in the very thorough packaging she sent, when the frame arrives I'll cut a good mat and hang it. I think the Brick color will complement it well, picking up the warm foreground colors. I might try Charlie's trick of toning a white mat with Pan Pastels to get a custom color when I mat it.

I've also begun making payments on Rosendal's Orangerie by Charlotte Herczfeld, the painting I'm buying is no longer top of the list on her blog but I'll post it here.

Her blog still says On Hold, but I've already started making payments, so consider it Sold to the happiest bidder. I love this painting. It's like a shout of joy in color. I think it stands up with every Impressionist that I ever loved when I visited the Art Institute in Chicago, with the absolute thrill that my favorite Impressionist is alive and producing and it gets to come live in my house.

I've got the frame for it coming in this package, so I'll be all ready when it arrives. She included the plein air sketch that she worked from, which is awesome in itself though naturally much smaller and simpler. I bought matching gold metal frames for those and will get a photo when they're here and I've done the mats and framed them... here all the way from Sweden!

So this art supply binge is really more of a "take care of art" order. Some of the better pastels and oil pastels I've been doing recently will go into Spectrum frames, where they'll be safe and protected from dust. I found out after I placed the order that I've now actually finished up the archival storage box for my small pieces and really need to buy another one next time.

Then of course since I was able to buy some art supplies, I ran into offers for samples and freebies, so emailed off for some new samples that I'll review when they get here. Blick Artist Pastels are very reasonably priced soft pastels in a range of 90 colors, plus I emailed Derwent asking for samples of their new formula pastel pencils and semi-hard square pastel sticks. A friend on WC is sending me some Richeson sanded paper because she didn't like it and is sharing out the large pack she had to buy, so I'll have a new sanded surface to try. And Bernadette Ward of Colorfin LLC spontaneously sent me sample Pan Pastel Palette Trays, so once those arrive I'll try them and let you know how well they work out for me.

They seem like they'll be a major convenience. I was thinking of getting four 20 color ones to spread out my set of 80 all open at the same time, the way some serious artists do -- they have lids and stack, so the stack wouldn't be too bad compared to my usual stacks of pastels boxes. I might have to rearrange my table a bit again to accommodate them.

Personal stuff, both Kitten and Karl are down with the bug that Sascha got. So far I'm the only one in the house that hasn't had it. I'm not looking forward to it, if I manage not to get it that will be a small miracle. They are home and taking it easy.

I have been resting up to get over throwing my back on the doctor's appointment, slowly recovering and wasting a lot of time on facebook games. I'm in School of Wizardry, Yakuza Lords and Vampire Wars if anyone who's playing those wants to friend me on Facebook and join my order, family or clan respectively -- beef up your forces, I'm actually playing them and gaining some strength. Message me if you're not already my friend on Facebook and don't have my email to send a friend invite/game invite. Currently I'm in "new game immersion" but it's wearing off and I'll probably drop to poking them daily and then doing other things.
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