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Accidental all-nighter...

Pears Sketch
4" x 6"
Derwent tinted charcoal pencils and Cretacolor pastel pencils on white sketchbook paper.
Photo reference posted by justjean for February 26 2010 Weekend Drawing Event in the All-Media Art Events forum on WetCanvas.com.

I did this at about five in the morning. I'd gotten to bed around two and laid there for two hours unable to sleep. Too much energy and too much pain all together, then I got up and sketched. Now I'm in that weird state of awake but too wired. The sun's up and it's beautiful. I'm tired and not all at the same time, when I lay down I'll either sleep twelve hours or just nap half an hour and be up again.

I guess I could push all the way through so that I can get back to crashing early enough to get up in the actual morning and get daylight. I wound up immersing on the sketching because I have been so bored and frustrated with the sick days lately that I pushed. Some of it's just knowing that sketches and studies don't need to be perfect. They can just be trial and error fooling around. They come out looking nice but I can also see what I'd do differently in a serious painting -- or do it enough times that I could do it without looking at the reference.

Last weekend's event had a lot of good references, fruits and flowers, animals, a landscape I liked. I don't know what tomorrow's will be, but I'm hoping there's some good landscapes and maybe a cat.

I also posted another review on http://www.robs-art-supply-reviews.blogspot.com of the Cretacolor pastel pencils. So yesterday was extremely productive. Unfortunately raising enough energy to do a lot also meant getting too intense to be able to sleep afterward. What I really want right now is to feel rested and better as if I'd slept, even though I haven't.

This happens every now and then, it's just part of my symptoms. The chronic fatigue acts like jet lag. Every now and then I do an all-nighter and reset so that I can actually be awake during the day when there's light. But my biorhythms are a night owl's and that still happens no matter how much I want some light.

I miss the long days of summer when I could just crash and know the day isn't completely gone.
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