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Peter Wood Auctions benefit Haiti Relief

One of my artist friends, Peter Wood, is relocating back to the UK. He's selling off nearly all of his finished paintings and pottery. Most of the auctions have no reserve price on them and he's donating a portion of the proceeds to benefit Haiti relief efforts.

You can see some of his videos on YouTube at faith6651 -- here, I'll embed one of his tutorial videos so you've got a chance to see what paintings I'm talking about. I've enjoyed his videos for some time and hang out with him at Mixed Media Workshops, where he's a regular contributor and has a number of paintings posted. Probably some of those are up for auction.

But don't just take my word for it the man can paint. Watch this.

Okay, let's see if that worked. I'm not sure if that's the embed code.

It wasn't, but now it is. Or should be.

Right! That worked! So if you collect art, and you'd like to acquire some of Peter Wood's excellent paintings at a desperation price to help desperate people in Haiti, check out his website for directions to the auctions.

This had to happen when I was broke. Just figures, huh? Ah well, by the time I'm past paying for my HP notebook and caught up on art supplies I'm using up (the next Blick order is starting to get more and more replacement items in it as I run into them), I'll be looking at what he's doing in London and not too perturbed about paying his usual prices.
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