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Misty Tree 2

Misty Tree Sketch 2
6" x 9"
Art Spectrum pastels
"Moonstone" Canson Mi-Tientes
Photo reference by Kathryn8 on WetCanvas.

Sketched that this morning, then got my pastels sorted and finally decided to break each of the Art Spectrum sticks in half so that I'd have all the colors in one box. Took me a couple of hours to get it done between breaking them, sorting them and getting the labels off the "use" box (the other halves are still labeled for reordering).

That looks so much more professional. When those pieces wear down a bit, I might be able to add pieces of other colors from other sets too. A lot of times, pastelists shop together and will get all the colors each of them want, then split each of the sticks -- doubling the number of colors they get. That'd be cool if I knew someone around here.

Hay There!
8 1/2" x 11"
Art Spectrum pastels
"Ivy" Canson Mi-Tientes, smooth side.
Photo reference by Paula Ford.

The reason I'm so exhausted now is that I also got a big package from Sweden -- Orangerie by Charlotte Herczfeld!

Rosendal's Orangerie

She also sent the beautiful 6" x 8" plein air sketch she worked from and a portrait of Ari that came as a complete surprise to me. All three of these paintings are so much more beautiful in life than I can describe. This woman is a modern master, I think she'll probably stand in art history with all the great Impressionists. Someone that people who don't take art history recognize her name.

I've made a start on framing them. Got the materials, just need to step by careful step get all the mats cut, get the frames disassembled and the paintings mounted on the archival foam board backings, put everything in the frames and screw the frames back together. It may take several days but I want to get this perfect, good enough some future museum won't go snarking after ignorant collectors ruining great art. I've got archival linen hinges, archival mat boards, archival foam board and everything, so they'll be well taken care of.

I got up at eight this morning -- that could be why I'm feeling so tired now at eight at night. Especially with everything I've been doing. Today was incredibly productive. The temperature also went over sixty again, which may account for my functioning better and doing more. I'm happy the forecast shows tomorrow to be warm and sunny too, this may completely rock.
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