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Color Map Woodpecker

DS Color Map and Red-Headed Woodpecker Page
5" x 8 1/2"
Daniel Smith watercolors Color Map set
Moleskine watercolor journal
Photo reference by Sharrm for Weekend Drawing Event March 19-21 2010 on WetCanvas.com.

I used the art to demonstrate the watercolors and reviewed the 10 tube Color Map Set of Daniel Smith Watercolors on robs-art-supply-reviews and posted a larger version of just the bird so you can see the hue shifts on the neck and other subtle details. I did not use any other colors in it, that black is mixed with Quinacridone Burnt Orange and Ultramarine.

I also did an Inktense calla lily in red, then did its dry stages again for comparison to make notes about it. That's the facing page in my watercolor journal. Photo reference from Artist's Photo Reference: Flowers by Gary Greene.

Inktense Red Calla Lily Two-Step Page
Derwent Inktense ink pencils on Moleskine watercolor journal.

I had a horror this morning, did the Inktense lilies while anxiously watching Kitten fix my computer. A Trojan got into it through osmething I downloaded, an image, an exe file, maybe even Gimp itself out of a bad mirror site. No idea how it got in or how long it's been there. It ate BitDefender completely, but Kitten got Windows to fix it, clean itself and set up its own security system in lieu of BitDefender, which she assures me should work fine for what I do as long as I run the antivirus on any PDF or image I download.

It's a habit I need to get into. I've been lucky for so long that I never worried about it, though I never opened attachments that weren't from people I know and usually things I asked for. The ugly long shot happened and then I had to sweat it out for hours, dreading the possibility of another bill for computer repair if Kitten couldn't fix it. Fortunately she was able to and we ran the antivirus on everything, so wherever it was, it's been dealt with.

It was cold and wet today too. But I did some art and put on my Nanowrimo hoodie and thought about my graphic novel a bit while working on the art. Actually a lot. I think it's going to morph a lot from the original character concepts, the characters are rewriting themselves in my mind though the premise is sound. I'm going to do it this time. Script Frenzy is as solid as Nanowrimo, if I can bang out 400,000 words of novels in a month I can do a hundred page script.
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