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Pines by River Reworked

Pines by River
8" square, Color Conte hard pastels on light grey PastelMat, reworked the clouds after some good suggestions on http://www.wetcanvas.com.

Then I did another stage on the hay bale one:

Hay There
8" x 10"
Art Spectrum pastels on Richeson sanded paper. I didn't review the paper yet because I still want to rework this painting some. I still haven't used any actual green in it either, all those greens are created by mixing. I think I want more green in it though, especially in the foreground. Will be working on this again soon, I want it finished before April!

Some calla lilies in my watercolor journal from the 21st...

White Callas, Calla Series #3
5" x 6"
Daniel Smith Color Map watercolors
Moleskine watercolor journal, photo reference by Faafil on WC.

Daffodil from the WDE and a mountain scene in gouache for the Gouache Challenge (trees) on WetCanvas...

Daffodil-Mountain Page
5" x 8 1/2"
Daniel Smith watercolors and Maimeri gouache
Moleskine watercolor journal, photo reference for daffodil from Sharrm on WC. Mountains are from memory when I lived in Colorado. Someone saw it and recognized them as the Flatirons near Boulder! That was so cool, that was where I lived. I guess my memory's better than I thought!

Last, tonight did another one in the calla series:

Near-Black Callas, Calla Series #4
5" x 6"
Daniel Smith watercolors on Moleskine watercolor journal, back of the mountains daffodil page.
Photo reference by Faafil from WetCanvas.com. Her reference was white ones, but I wanted to do them purple that's nearly black and was very happy with the way those bright colors mix to give me good darks.

So today I did a lot of art and didn't update my art supply review blog, but yesterday I did a review of Art Spectrum pastels and before that, the Moleskine watercolor journal. Enjoy. I think after 17 or 18 days of writing these reviews every day, I needed a break.
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