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Blossoming Quince and Script Progress

Blossoming Quince
7" x 9 1/2"
Pastel pencils on brown PastelMat

Yesterday I did a whole page of seven sketches plus got up to page 14 on Three Dead Punks and a Telepath. Today, they meet and things start happening between them, also we get introduced to the nebulously not yet named Force or Agency or whatever they call themselves. I am Ruminating...

I also got a comment on one of my sketches that it reminded this chap of a classic Western comics artist. So maybe I am drifting in that direction anyway. The question is whether I want to draw hundreds of pages worth of this or just submit the script and let a professional whose results are more practiced and production faster handle the art?

Sometimes I swing one way, sometimes the other. Sometimes I think I can do it, do it justice and keep the purity of my own vision. Other times I think of the ways I fall short of the type of artists I admire and the sheer amount of work compared to writing it ... the writing is going at a pretty good pace.

I'll see at the end of the month. But I'm not really thumbnailing. So far I'm sketching other things and writing the script.

Here's yesterday's sketchbook page:

Assorted pens and pencils, ProArt wirebound sketchbook, everything from life. I think I got good mileage out of those jonquils! They're wilted now but I took photos of them wilted too, for later.

I did one more sketch today before launching into the quince:

Pastel pencils on sketchbook page, my good boots.
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