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More Pen and Watercolor Art...

Ari On My Lap
2 1/2" X 4"
Sepia Pigma Micron pen size 01
Moleskine Volant sketchbook.

I really like the extra small Volant sketchbooks. Cheap, at least compared to other Moleskines, good paper, sturdy cover even if it's not as fancy as the leathery covers on the better Moleskines. I reviewed the sketchbook on Rob's Art Supply Reviews today, so you can see the size of it and how thick it is. 56 pages, good heavy cream paper. Very cool.

I also continued with two more pages in the Goof Off Book that I hadn't posted here yet. Page Eight is all Scavenger Hunt stuff from the 26 item list that I came up with since I hosted the current Scavenger Hunt on WetCanvas in the Artwork from Life forum. By accident, it came out with a great color harmony of orange and green, very unified and lovely. I was so happy with this page!

It's all done with Derwent Watercolor Pencils and wash. I didn't use penwork on this one at all, not even on the Brass Bullet pencil sharpener in the bottom right. This page also represents the second time I got outdoors this spring since I did the ivy leaf and three weeds out in the yard. It's been sunny, warm and beautiful, so I have been going out whenever I'm up to it!

Then I got the box of 16 color Pigma Microns for review -- posted that review on same reviews site -- and decided to do something really spectacular to decorate the review so I did the conch shell for the May Watermedia Challenge from a photo reference. Then added a leaf from memory and did the rest as Scavenger Hunt items from life. Everything's done with Pigma Micron penwork in black or colors, but the washes vary including oil pastels with thinner, watercolor pencils and just watercolor. I'm happy to report that Sansodor odorless oil paint thinner does not dissolve Pigma Micron ink at all. You can do oil washes over it without messing up the lines, how cool is that?

This page also came out with a good layout and I'm happy with it. Freaky that once I decided this sketchbook was something to just goof around in, experiment and not worry about whether it came out good... the pages started coming out much better than when I get serious and try to get them perfect. Go fig. I should lighten up and relax more, when I draw in a good relaxed mood it comes out better!

I have also been getting the writing itch, not just on 3 dead punks but on some other projects too. I think I will have to do another novel sometime soon, maybe Summer Fun Run on SFFmuse.
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