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More Goofing Off

Page Eleven of The Goof Off Book is a combination of Scavenger Hunt 176 sketches from life and Weekend Drawing Event sketches from photos by oldrockchick on WetCanvas.com. They're all in Derwent watercolour pencils, using the 72 colour set that I got last Monday, on Strathmore 140lb cold press watercolor paper from a Windpower pad. I have been having so much fun with these pencils. On a good day I do four or five sketches with them, they're bold and fast. Also the Scavenger Hunt lists have been pushing me to sketch more.

Sometimes a sketch I thought would only be ten or fifteen minutes turns into something more elaborate. The ceramic jug on this page took almost two hours to complete, with doing careful layering and washing. I went into a lot more detail on it than you can see in the scan, since lighter values vanished. So here's a photo of the jug painting that's much truer to the real painting. The other pieces on this page didn't suffer as much.

It was tricky getting the pattern of loose soft-edged glazes on the slightly ridged jug, and reserving the highlights to show how glossy it was. The bricks were much easier and only took about ten minutes at the end, the jug with all its dry and then washed layers was what took a long time. Including last details added by touching a wet brush to the pencil points and dabbing in very small spots of paint.

It's fun. I'm getting into this journal a lot and with only four pages left, plan on finishing it this month.
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May. 10th, 2010 08:55 pm (UTC)
Oh, cool! I love the whole page, with it's variety of colors & subjects!
May. 11th, 2010 06:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm working on page twelve right now, which is all pen and wash with watercolor pencils for the wash. I'm having so much fun with this watercolor pad, it's trippy. I've never gone through one so fast.
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