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Color Experiments

Kitten gave me a 24 color Winsor & Newton set of watercolors that I thought was Cotman... until I started cleaning it and found out the full pans had the colors marked on them. A couple of the paint chips had fallen out of their pans and gotten switched. Cadmium Light Gen. is not in the Cotman line, neither is Cobalt Blue Gen. or any of the other Cadmiums. It's a fantastic set. I charted it in my watercolor journal and then decided to do something a little more thorough to explore what each of the pigments in the new set does -- especially the ones I'd put off getting as too expensive.

So here are four pages in my A4 Moleskine Folio watercolor book, each page with small paintings predominantly in one or two of the colors:

As a series of pages it worked out great, and I've got a better record of what each of these colors handles like. Its value range, its uses, sometimes how it handles in mixtures. I used both Intense (Pthalo) blue and Cerulean Blue together on the bluebird because Cerulean was a perfect match for its chest and highlights but Pthalo had the value range to get its darker feathers right.There's a little Burnt Sienna in the worm and what it's sitting on to contrast it.

One of the great things about this set is that it'll keep me out of my Field Box until I actually go outside. Otherwise I'd be using up its half pans too fast.
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